Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Celine will go on (& on... & on...)

Annacyclopedia was the first to tip me off to the latest big celebrity pregnancy news, last Tuesday night: Celine Dion is pregnant again. The next morning, there was an article in the newspaper (cleverly titled, "Celine Dion's genes will go on")(interestingly, strategically placed right next to the article I blogged about earlier on the need for coverage of infertility treatments). Apparently, she found out last Monday & told the world the very next day. The baby is due in May.

I have mixed feelings on the whole thing. First of all, even though I may have my Canadian citizenship revoked for saying so (or at least find it hard to get service when I'm visiting Quebec), I've never much cared for Celine Dion as a singer. She has a great set of pipes, no doubt about it, but I find her style just a little too overwrought. I find her willingness to babble about every personal aspect of her life both funny and irritating. And this, of course, is the most personal subject of all. Nothing like telling everyone right off the bat -- talk about supreme confidence!!

What I found most irritating for awhile, of course, was that she was able to get pregnant & I could not. She announced her first pregnancy in 2000, while I was mired deep in the muck of infertility treatment. As I commented on Anna's blog, I vividly remember lining up at the clinic early in the morning for our ultrasounds (it was like an assembly line) & hearing one of her songs on the radio they were piping through the office, while reading about her pregnancy in the morning newspaper. “I’ll bet SHE never had to stand in line at 7 a.m. with her butt hanging out of a hospital gown, " I said to the girl in line next to me.

And of course, not long after she finally had the baby in January 2001, she shouted her joy to the world -- including in a song ("A New Day"), which the radio played ad nauseum, while I was licking my wounds & trying to revise my life plans to NOT include children. Thanks, Celine...

At the same time, though, I can understand why she would want to tell everyone right away. Beyond her natural tendency to blab about her personal life, I suppose she & her husband figured the press would find out eventually, so why not beat them to it & make the announcement on their own terms?

And, of course, it's refreshing to hear about a celebrity who used IVF and isn't afraid to talk about it.

Bon chance, Celine.


  1. Bon chance, indeed. I was surprised they announced it so soon,it seemed cocky to me. And as a fellow Canadian, I've never cared for her much either. Did you see the pics from her Las Vegas wedding? Tacky and very un-Canadian!

  2. I don't actually know anyone who likes Celine, and I'm Canadian, too. lol I also worried about the fact that she announced it so soon.