Friday, May 7, 2010

Article: "A Non-Mother's Day"

As some of you probably know, I enjoy the discussion of parenting issues in Lisa Belkin's Motherlode blog on the New York Times website. She's also covered topics related to infertility, pregnancy loss & adoption.

Two of her posts today were of special interest to me & likely to others in the ALI community -- one on micropreemies, & another -- by Pamela Tsigdinos, aka Pamela Jeanne, about being a non-mother on Mother's Day (while wishing that you were).

Happy reading!


  1. I have to say, reading the second article, and the comments, I couldn't believe the number of people who went right to adoption/surrogacy as an option for her. It is so naive to think that just moving on to those options are viable for everyone. Both can cost extraordinary amounts of money.

    I guess that really touched a nerve for me since I have been just getting my feet wet looking into adoption. It just proves how much people don't get it, or understand.

    It makes me sad, it is almost like people don't want to acknowledge that some people don't get to have the family they wanted.

    Thanks for sharing, Loribeth, I love the articles you direct me to.

  2. Me again.

    A few interesting points, I think.