Saturday, May 7, 2011

Book: Shania Twain: "From This Moment On"

I couldn't resist picking up Shania Twain's new memoir the other day. It was 30% off, 40% with my discount card. I'm not a HUGE fan, but I do like some of her stuff, & of course I am proud that she is Canadian. ; ) I know a bit about her personal story, of course -- I grew up in a couple of small northern towns myself (Manitoba & Saskatchewan, not Ontario), so I can relate in some ways -- I've been to Deerhurst Resort, where she sang in the cabaret show. She hasn't experienced infertility or pregnancy loss (that I know about, anyway), but she's not had an easy life in many respects, & I admire that she has worked so hard for everything she has.

One of my friends from our support group said she couldn't listen to "It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing" after the loss of her daughter -- it just hit too close to home. Whenever she was listening to the CD in her car, she would skip over that song. She didn't think anyone noticed, but nope, her two other kids did & asked her why! I can't remember what she told them, but I do remember that story.

I haven't read the book yet -- trying to resist until I finish the book I'm currently reading (a bad habit I have...!) -- but of course I couldn't resist flipping through a few pages. Would you believe, when the story opens with her birth, the doctors thought she was stillborn, because she came out blue & not breathing??

And there's a great quote on the back cover that resonated with me:

"When everything goes without a hitch, where's the challenge, the opportunity to find out what you're made of?"


  1. I've never been a huge country fan, but for some reason I've always loved Shania ... loved her songs and her story (at least the ones I had read about at the height of her popularity).

    And I love that quote ... reminds me of the "quote" I posted on FB the other day. About what we'd call life if it were easy.

    If you can believe it ... that quote came from my new awesome Primary Care Physician!

  2. I did manage to watch her on Oprah...fascinating story! Love the quote too...

  3. I like the quote. I think we realise how true it is only after we've come through the pain, and out the other side.