Saturday, November 26, 2011

Guess I'm not alone ; )

Opened the paper this morning & found this article:

Hello marketers? Pay attention to professional women

Sample quote:

“Marketers are still targeting moms, just like they’ve done since the 1950s,” lamented Marti Barletta, chief executive officer of Chicago-based TrendSight Group, which provides insights about marketing to women.

Ms. Barletta expresses her frustration with this short-sighted approach since people are having smaller families than they did years ago, and because marketing to moms resonates most often with first-time mothers only. “Marketers who were supposed to be trend forward, leading-edge and future-focused are the most outdated people on the planet,” she complained in an interview.


  1. This is only tangentially related, but my husband and I shared a great laugh at a musical comedy we attended over the weekend, when one of the actors (in character) started going off about babies in the audience being distracting for actors (two families had brought toddlers with them). Truth be told, we really missed our baby this weekend, but we would never have taken her to a show! It was nice to see that having a baby doesn't automatically entitle you to special treatment --at least not at the theatre!