Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Post-Voldemort Day ramblings

  • (Voldemort Day = "The Day Which Shall Not Be Named."  You know the one...!!)
  • Dh & I took last week off work. Although you would think that would mean I had oodles of time to write, read & comment on blogs, it's been over a week since my last post here, and my Google Reader is back in the 1000+ unread posts territory. Again. :p 
  • It was a "staycation," taken mostly because (a) we both have a ton of holiday time that is rapidly approaching the "use it or lose it" point, & (b) dh was stressed at work & insisted he needed some time off. One morning, we got our wills done (something we have been postponing forever...) & went for brunch after our meeting with the lawyer. We did some decluttering and took a few boxes of stuff to Goodwill. Another day, we took the train into the city and spent the day wandering in & out of bookstores and around the Eaton Centre. And we slept in every day!!
  • Friday afternoon, dh flipped to Ellen DeGeneres, knowing I like her show. Cue the emcee in voiceover: "Today's show is all about moms! Moms!! MOMS!!!"  (I am not joking.) Next!!
  • Saturday we went to the wedding I mentioned in a recent post. All went well. Dh & I squeezed hands as the beaming parents walked with the bride down the aisle of the church, and again at the reception during the father-daughter dance -- but overall, it was not as emotionally stressful as her sister's wedding five years earlier.
  • Sunday, we hid out at the movies, as is our usual custom on Voldemort Day. ; ) "Dark Shadows" with Johnny Depp (who rarely disappoints). I remember the soap opera from my childhood, and of course I grew up in the 1960s & 1970s, so I thought it was a hoot & a half. : )
  • The Sunday previous, the first weekend of our vacation, we saw "The Avengers," which was also a lot of fun.
  • Adding to the fun of Sunday, Aunt Flo decided to show up. :p 
  • I went back to work yesterday, but woke up feeling so crappy this morning (thank you, AF) that I called in sick. Went back to bed -- and slept in until 9:20 a.m. Erk. Guess I needed it...!  Back to work (again) tomorrow.
  • Despite AF's presence, it has been a gorgeous, sunny day, and I have been sitting here on the couch with all the windows open. My house looks & feels totally different in the daytime, with the light streaming in. Another reason why I am looking forward to retirement...! 
  • Something else to look forward to (much sooner):  it's a long weekend coming up here in Canada (Victoria Day, the traditional kickoff to summer). : )
  • What's new with you?


  1. Voldemort Day! That's inspired! :-) Glad you survived.

    We were invited to a baptism on V-Day (no, seriously.) Unfortunately Mr. Fab had a terrible bout of the 24-minte flu so we had to decline. Thankfully he recovered in time for us to make a matinee of Pirates. :-) Sometimes you just have to take care of # 1.

  2. I'm glad you had a good week off - and a week off blogging (reading and writing) was probably good for you too (though of course it is nice to have you back!).

    I want to see both movies you've mentioned (we hid out after all on The Day Which Shall Not Be Named). So sorry AF made you feel so crappy. I'm starting to feel personally affronted every time she shows up (this last week she's been knocking on the door and running to hide when I answer it), as I'm so ready for her to go away and never come back!

    Enjoy your long weekend. And your summer. Lucky things. (This time 6 years ago we were in Canada - I hope we'll get back there sometime).

    What's new with me? Nice haircut yesterday and lighter colour (hides the grey), and an MRI this morning that's now over and done with and I can now relax (as I'm claustrophobic and freaked out ever so slightly this morning)!

  3. I like the name Voldemort Day!
    How happy I am that this day will not be there for at least 11 months!

  4. @Lisa: I DID attend a baptism on V-Day, three years ago (I think? -- it's here in the blog!). I survived, but it wasn't fun. :p I would also like to see Pirates -- it got great reviews!

  5. Believe it or not, for the long weekend, we're heading down to Ajax to see Pam and V (http://baby-wanted-apply-within.blogspot.ca/) for a BBQ and to take Petite to the zoo for the first time. It looks like the weekend will be hot and gorgeous.

    I think holing up in a movie theatre on Voldemort Day is perfect! Good for you! (I wanna see that movie too!) And YAY for taking a week off together with DH! You guys deserve it and boy, it sounds like it was really productive! Hugs to you both!

  6. V-Day.. what a nice way of putting it. Spent that weekend in Toronto at SpA Patient Forum. And then monday discovered we have a black hole under our dishwasher.. so fun fun fun.

  7. Ah, AF, nothing like a visit from that old cow, eh? I hear her pulling into my driveway - no wonder I'm in such a snit. Glad you made it through the day without too much angst. I've always wanted to go away for Victoria Day weekend and we never do. But that's okay, the sun is shining here so that is what's new here!

  8. OMGee: I accidentally saw part of that Ellen show. It was awful! I'm dying to see The avengers...someday.