Monday, November 11, 2013

The Annual Whine (2013 version)

Last year, on Nov. 14th, my post began, "It's a little earlier than usual for my annual "I hate November" whine." 

Well, today is Nov. 11th -- a cold and rainy Remembrance Day (& I actually started writing this post a week ago) -- so what does that tell you??

Then again, as I wrote in my previous post, "'s been the week from heck... (I was ready to start writing my annual "I hate November" post/vent in October, lol.)" Maybe next year??

The usual elements of "the annual whine" (which still apply to this year's version) include:
  • November 14th (or 20th, or 25th, take your pick), 1998, was my unfulfilled due date. Every November brings the reminder of what might have been, but wasn't and never will be. As I said in my 2009 whine, I feel cheated.
  • It's late fall, almost winter. The trees have lost most of their beautiful coloured leaves and are bare and stark against the sky.
  • It is cold, chilly, often rainy or even (gulp) snowing. (None yet... but there will be... soon...)
  • The days are getting shorter, and the time change means it gets darker a lot earlier. SADD, anyone?
  • November is always our busiest time of year at work (and this year is even busier -- longer rant on that point to follow...!).
  • Because of this, for the past 27 years, it's been impossible for me to start getting ready for Christmas and enjoy the season in the way that I'd like to.
  • While I love Christmas, I get irritated when the ads start the day after Halloween. And especially when, even if I wanted to think about Christmas, I just don't have time for it yet.
Additional whine elements this year:
  • My unemployed/early-retired dh is bored silly and driving me nuts at times.
  • My company is undergoing a leadership transition -- one CEO retiring, another taking over -- which has added considerably to our already-heavy workload at an already very busy time of year.
  • As a result, until just recently, not enough time or attention has been paid to our usual year-end projects (many of them with inflexible regulatory/compliance-related deadlines attached), which are nevertheless unfolding under the usual tight timelines and consuming the usual considerable amount of resources (human & otherwise).
  • The above has been made even more "interesting"/stressful because of the several layers of management above me who are new in their positions and haven't had to deal with our particular version of year-end before. 
Specific things that happened within the past week to prompt me to write this post now:
  • It's Monday. (It was when I started writing this post... and it is again... which tells you what my time has been like lately -- one more thing to whine about, lol.)
  • As I said to a coworker, my (last) Monday started at the dentist -- and went downhill from there, lol. :p  ;) 
  • I was at the dentist. For a filling. :p  (I've had way too many fillings for my liking in the past few years.)(Also two crowns.)
  • He started drilling and had to give me a second shot of freezing because I was still jumping in my seat. You would think by now he'd know just to give me a double shot right up front because I almost always need one.
  • The freezing took about four hours to completely wear off.
  • My coworkers were giggling because (due to the freezing) I was lisping ridiculously in my post-appointment meeting.
  • My arm was still slightly sore from my flu shot the previous week.
  • While under deadline pressure to write & edit some critical documents, I left my finger lingering on the shift key too long -- thus turning on that bane of my existence known as "filter keys," rendering my keyboard completely useless, and resulting in a frantic call to tech support. :p 
  • The powers that be, which decided to let me have an extra (much-needed) filing cabinet just outside my cubicle when we completed our office renovations about two years ago (even though my position didn't warrant one), did an about face and decided that said filing cabinet was a safety hazard in its current spot & needed to be moved. (I said I didn't care, so long as I had some additional filing space, somewhere.)
  • However, before it could be moved, I had to empty everything out of it. :p 
  • The movers showed up almost an hour after they said they would -- and then I had to put all the files back IN to the thing. (Did I mention before how busy I am with other stuff at this time of year??)
  • I wound up taking a later-than-usual train home. 
  • Went on FB for some mindless distraction, only to find the gleeful announcement that dh's cousin's daughter is expecting Baby Number THREE. Her other two are 3 & 1 (!!).  (She claims to want FOUR.)
  • Also saw the photos that one my high school girlfriends just posted from her GRANDSON's first birthday.
So that was last Monday. Also this week:
  • Grandma Coworker has made it gleefully known that her daughter & son-in-law are trying for grandbaby #2.
  • Another coworker is due in less than a month and so her depature on mat leave -- and workplace baby shower/celebration/send off -- will be coming up shortly.  
  • The Second Cup had their Christmas menu & advertising up on October 30th -- like, not even waiting until after Halloween.
  • Even the Legion began selling Remembrance Day poppies earlier this year.
  • We are so far behind that I brought home work this weekend to try to catch up a little. :p
  • Did I mention that Aunt Flo is here? And that's she's still visiting me like clockwork every month? And that I'm going to be (gulp) 53 in another two months? I mean, seriously?? I thought she'd be long gone by now. :p  
  • Some good news:  I FINALLY got my Christmas vacation approved, on Oct. 31st. The accompanying bad news: this was the latest ever that management approved my Christmas vacation dates. I usually try to have my plane tickets home booked by (Canadian) Thanksgiving, & I don't think I've ever booked later than Halloween before. As a result, I was unable to book tickets for the dates that I wanted (at least, at a semi-reasonable price).
(Still, we are going home. I am thankful for that. Something to look forward to.)

This concludes the annual whine (2013 version). Thanks, I feel better already. ; )

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  1. Hi Loribeth - I do feel better reading this as I thought I was the only one who hated this time of the year - particularly at work. Your wry account of your workplace was so true - and funny. I empathise with your loss but you should know you are both a gifted writer and a great human being.

  2. Anonymous, thank you. Your comments really lifted my spirits at a time when they needed lifting. :) Sorry to hear you are also having a rough time at work right now -- misery does love company! ;)

  3. dear Loribeth,
    a hug for you!
    I don't like November either (less reasons then you, but still...)

    lots of love,

  4. I can't imagine having to deal with the SAD issues of November, on top of that deep underlying sadness of what could have been. Sending hugs, and much love.

  5. (((HUGS))) Rant away and hope you feel at least better by writing them all up. :-) I'm having my PMS now so my inner b***h is out HE HE HE HE HE...

  6. I don't like November either. Both my miscarriages occurred in that month...