Friday, November 1, 2013

Now we are six

Yesterday was my six-year blogoversary. :)  Because it was Halloween & because it's been the week from heck, I wasn't able to get anything posted before this. (I was ready to start writing my annual "I hate November" post/vent in October, lol.) 


Number of years blogging:  6
Published posts (including this one): 765
Published comments: almost 5,800
Page views (tracked since May 2008):  almost 187,000 
Average # of posts per year: 128
Average # of posts per month:  11
Followers:  140
Feelings of gratitude for what 6 years of blogging has given me:  Priceless : )

Thank you all for reading/listening, commenting and just being here.

Blogoversary #5 (2012)
Blogoversary #4 (2011)
Blogoversary #3 (2010)
Blogoversary #2 (2009)
Blogoversary #1 (2008)
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    I've been lurking around the blogosphere lately, just kind of laying low, but wanted to come say HI on your milestone!


  2. Happy blogoversary! I am really happy that I found you.

    I am toasting for many more anniversaries to come! I love reading your posts.

    lots of love from sLOVEnia,

  3. HAPPY blogoversary!!! :-D I can't help smiling so widely when reading the word "priceless". I'm glad to have found you. :-) Looking forward to learning more things from you. :-)

  4. Love the stats -- six years is a LONG time! Congratulations.

  5. Great to reflect on all you've shared and all those you've touched! Congrats dear Loribeth...

  6. @Claire: "dh" is Internet-speak for "dear husband." ;)

  7. Congratulations! Six years is a great achievement, and my mind is boggling at the idea of 765 posts. (Which reminds me - I've got to get back into it.)

    Long may you continue blogging, and brightening and enlightening our days!

  8. Happy blosoversary Loribeth! As a present, I've nominated you for a new blog award. Stop by to see the questions. And wishing you many, many more years of writing.

  9. Wow- Six years!!! I'm glad that I had found your blog two years ago!