Wednesday, November 13, 2013

This year's model (2013)

I had already browsed the Christmas card displays at the card shop downstairs in my office tower a few times before today (even though it seemed WAAAYYYYYY too early to be looking at Christmas cards before Remembrance Day). I saw a few cards that I liked, some of them very pretty. They were cards that I knew I could probably be happy with sending, if I didn't find anything else. But usually, I know "the" card when I see it, immediately -- and nothing I saw was grabbing me in that way. It made me a little sad.

I wasn't intending to buy anything when I stopped by at lunchtime today. I was just browsing. I looked at the boxes of cards near the front of the store, and as I worked my way through the aisles, I saw they had more cards near the back.

And that's when I saw it. It wasn't the prettiest box of cards in the store. And, in hindsight, the message inside -- "Best wishes for a holiday season and a wonderful New Year" -- kind of bugs me. Shouldn't it be "Best wishes for the holiday season" or "Best wishes for a happy holiday season" or something like that?? (Spoken like a true English major, lol.)

(And while we're quibbling, the title on the website is "Decorated Moose." It looks more like a reindeer than a moose to me. A reindeer would certainly make more sense. What do you think?)

But, no matter. It was "the" card. I knew it right away when I saw the little girl on the sled.

(And now, as I wrote last year, to find time over the next month or so to write the darn things...)

2010 card was a photo card of me & dh on our 25th wedding anniversary : )


  1. The English major in me wonders the same thing about the sentiments :) And yes, it's totally a reindeer- not a moose. But it's so PERFECT! I'm glad you found *the one* already this year.

  2. I like it. The English makes me wonder ... made in China?

    And yes, writing the darn things is always the hardest.

  3. You're right. It does look like a reindeer more than a moose. A moose is bigger and the antlers are also different.

    Anyhow, just wanna give you HUGE HUGE HUGS for your due date anniversary. I hope you find some comfort for this heartbreaking memory...

  4. That's a cute card! I'm very picky about the printed sentiments, as an English major and former Hallmark creative applicant. : )

    I think I will send out traditional folded cards this year, instead of photo cards, so I have been browsing the boxed card selections, too. I'm also seriously thinking of cutting down my card list from 80+ to 50.

  5. Where was the card made? It's all in the translation. Is it that time again? Oh, yeah.

  6. I like it very much. And I think I'm going to borrow that phrase for the rest of the month, wishing everyone a holiday. They can fill in the missing adjective on their own :-)

  7. Lovely!

    PS: Do you ever watch football? Your team and my team are competing in this very moment. So far we are better :)

    lots of love from sLOVEnia,


  8. @Mel/Lollipop: Love the "fill in the blank" idea!! ;)

    @Klara: If by "football" you mean what we usually call soccer -- I only rarely watch, during World Cup, etc. And I'm not surprised your team is better. ;)

  9. Beautiful, touching card! LOVE it!!!!