Wednesday, January 29, 2014

End of January odds & ends

  • You know you're past your childbearing years when... the clerk at Baby Gap hands you a coupon for a new Gap Maternity store that's opening in the city... and suggests that you can pass it along to someone you know who's pregnant.
  • (Which is worse? -- the feeling that people are constantly looking at your midsection for a tell-tale bump and asking if you have any "news"? -- or feeling old & completely invisible?)
  • In fact, I did have someone to pass the coupon along to:  my next-door cubicle neighbour, who is in her mid-30s.  I recently overheard a few conversations about dr's appointments and bloodwork & then one about scheduling an ultrasound. I walked over & said, "Ummm, I don't want to be nosy but I couldn't help but hear..." and she flung her arms around me & squealed, "YES!!" "Oh, that's wonderful!" I told her as I hugged her. And I meant it. 
  • Of course, I am already worrying on her behalf. :p
  • So far, everyone's been too busy (and I guess it's still a bit early-- and not a lot of people know yet) for too much baby talk. But I know it's coming (especially with Grandma Coworker nearby, only too ready to offer advice). She is due in September.
  • It's been a cold January. Damned cold. And I know cold -- I grew up on the Canadian Prairies, after all.  ; )  (But it's a DRY cold there...!) ;)  (Seriously -- it does make a difference!) 
  • Normally, I don't start loathing winter until February. But I am seriously ready for this winter to be over, already. :p
  • Feb. 1st, it will be exactly two years until I can theoretically retire early at 55. We'll see how it all pans out (particularly once dh's severance runs out)... but at the moment, I am leaning towards retiring sooner than later. Life is just too damned short.


  1. Honestly, I don't know how to answer point #2. Both are bad in my book. Can we just agree that both are miserable in their own way and call it a draw?

  2. I'm with Cristy. I'm not sure about #2. Except that I guess ALL women experience the old age invisibility. At the moment, I'm switching between relishing the invisibility, and fighting against it. Fortunately or unfortunately in the kids' clothing stores here (when I'm shopping for my adorable niece) I'm always asked if I want to be on their mailing list - whether I'm the mother, aunt or grandmother, they don't care!

    Sorry you're loathing winter already.

    Envious of your two years till retirement. Sigh. Agree that life is too damn short. If we could, we'd retire now!

  3. Hi Loribeth! My name is Cameron and I was reading up on your journey. I had a quick question and was hoping that you could email me back when you have a moment. I really appreciate it, thanks!

  4. Hi Cameron, sure, but what's your e-mail? I believe you can mail me through my profile, or just leave your address in a comment -- I promise I won't publish it.

  5. Agree with Cristy and Mali - both bad.