Monday, January 26, 2015

#MicroblogMondays: Adventures in shower invitations

I got an e-vite a couple of days ago, to a baby shower in mid-February. :p  I was expecting it -- the pregnancy was announced pre-Christmas, the baby is due in early April, so logic dictated that I would probably be invited to a shower sometime in February.

I haven't received many e-vites before this, and it took me forever to figure out how to RSVP.  It didn't help that the information was in white type on a pale grey background, making it harder to see.

Then I went to look at the gift registries. The mom-to-be is registered in two places -- the behemoth that is You-Know-Whats-R-Us, and an online boutique. The registry at YKWRUs had only 11 items to choose from -- and, even though it was only mid-morning, three were already spoken for (and two cost more money than I was prepared to spend). Went to look at the online boutique -- and I could not for the life of me find her registry there. In fact, I think I wound up opening my own registry, lol. It later turned out that she was registered at a entirely different boutique after all.

Whatever. At any rate, not being able to figure this technical stuff out was making me feel old and out of touch, and even grumpier than I usually am over receiving a baby shower invitation. Until dh told me I was sounding like my mother, lol. That shut me up.

Anyway, we scooted over to YKWRUs after lunch and I scooped up the item I had been eyeing on the registry. Done!  And now I don't have to think about it until the shower comes.

Sometimes getting older (& losing your job/being retired and having nothing better to do that afternoon) has its advantages. ;)  

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  1. Ugh, a baby shower Evite? I have seen links to registries at online boutiques or online amazon-wishlist type things that compile your wants from different places, and while that can be nice it does make it more difficult for the buyer, I think. How frustrating to navigate all that! I'm glad you got the gift you wanted, I always get cranky if I miss out on the gifts that are in that sweet spot of not-too-boring but not-insanely-expensive, especially since I usually send them to the house and give my regrets for the party. I hope it is as painless a shower as it can be, and hooray for daytime shopping saving the day.

  2. White text on a gray background? Though cute in concept, what a bad idea (I don't even do yellow letters on black backgrounds because it can be hard to see).

    Hang in there Loribeth. And may today's trip be a quick one.

  3. I HATE it when my DH tells me I sound like my mother! (Especially as there are times I know I do.)

    I know this is no help, but I'm so glad we don't do baby showers here in NZ. Though they're probably going to come - after all, we have Halloween now too. And Black Friday sales arrived this year for the first time. (Crazy!)

  4. We don't have baby showers here either. Everyone's very generous when the little one appears but gifts before the event are not common. Glad you got what you were after.

  5. Ugh! I hope the shower isn't too miserable for you!

    I am glad that you got to go to hell errrrr...... YKWRUs........ at an off peak hour, at least!

  6. We don't do showers, but we do a naming after the birth. I don't know which is worse: sitting in the room with the focus being the pregnancy, or sitting in the room with the baby.

    But I always do the shopping online :-) Except for close relatives.

  7. Baby showers are catching on here in India too, though once people were too superstitious to get gifts for the unborn baby. It was supposed to bring bad luck. Hope you have a good time.

  8. Oh yes, I do get the odd E-vite. I kinda like them because it reminds you if you don't reply right away when the event is coming up. No more baby showers for me though, thank goodness. Not having a workplace has its advantages.

  9. You Know What's R Us - I love it. I'm sure you took the store by storm. I can only picture the disaster of me going in the place - if I wasn't in sad mode I'd make fun of everything and people would look at me strange.

    I tend to sound more like my father, which is also bad. Like you, nothing quiets me faster than such a reminder.

    PS I think we should all move to New Zealand