Monday, February 2, 2015

#MicroblogMondays: Move over, November...

The fact that I hate November is no secret here (check out my tagged posts on the subject). 

So you may be surprised to learn that November is, in fact, my second-least favourite month. The honour of least-favourite month goes to February, the month we have just entered. Here are a few reasons why:  

*  It's the dead of winter in my part of the world, cold & dreary. Case in point:  when I woke up this morning, the temperature was -16C, with a windchill factor of -28C. (That's about 3 & -18 on the Fahrenheit scale.) Not to mention about a foot of snow, which dh is currently psyching himself up to go shovel. (We do not own a snowblower.) (Yet?)
*  Yes, there's always Florida (or Arizona, or Mexico, or Cuba, etc.).  But (a) February is also college spring break month -- & I'm not eager to share my vacation with a bunch of wild 20-something party animals; (b) this is peak sunspot vacation season = peak prices; & (c) not everyone has the time or money to escape to a warmer climate for a few weeks.  (We might -- but we just didn't think about it this year. Maybe 2016...) 
*  Traditionally, February was always right in the middle of that interminably loooooonnnnnnnggggg stretch between Christmas & Easter, with no long weekends to break up the monotony.
*  The introduction of Family Day in Ontario a few years back has made that a moot point -- albeit we childless/free must endure all the platitudes that come along with a holiday called "Family Day," which generally does not acknowledge families of two.
*  February 8, 1998, was my LMP date with my pregnancy with Katie (the first day of my last menstrual period, which became ingrained in my memory after I was asked to provide it at medical appointment after medical appointment). The cycle of remembrance & regret begins again... (Can it really be SEVENTEEN YEARS ago now???!!!)

Saving graces: 

* While February might suck, it's the shortest month of the year by at least two or three days.  So (technically, at least) there's less of it to loathe.
*  February includes Valentine's Day (which actually falls on the Family Day weekend this year). Dh & I don't go in for big Valentine's Day celebrations -- he will tell you it's a "Hallmark Holiday" -- but I still like the idea of having a special day to celebrate romance and love -- not just for your partner but also the other special people in your life. It's a little ray of sunshine in the middle of greyness.
*  As with November this year -- I'm not working. Even if the weather is crappy, I don't have to worry about slogging my way to the commuter train station (only to stand on a freezing cold platform, waiting for a train that is inevitably delayed or cancelled because of the weather).  Not working and having the freedom to set my own schedule & priorities was a big reason why November didn't suck as much this past year;  hopefully the same will apply for February, lol. ;)

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  1. Yeah, not a fan of the gray either. Though the Spring Break factor didn't dawn on me. May February fly by!

  2. Oh, geez- I HATE February, too! It feels like there is soooo much winter left, doesn't it? We usually try to get away in February, even if its just for one night. It helps break it up a bit. Hang in there!

  3. here from Microblog Monday list. I hear you about cold dreary winter months. My least favourite month is January (which is now over) but February isn't much better. I thought spring break usually came in March? I guess there are parts of the world where February is spring...lucky them! Anyway, I hope your February has pleasant moments despite its February-ness, and sending good thoughts as you navigate the anniversary... I am sure there are difficult moments despite the passage of time.

  4. Oops, did I say spring break? I think most universities call it "reading week." Or, as the students called it (and probably still do...!), "Ski Week." ;)

  5. Oh, yes. I HATE February. Lost my dad to cancer. Lost my college RA to cancer. Lost two pregnancies. Friends battling breast cancer.

    Happy side: my daughter was born.

    But I am battling depression already ... I can feel it.

  6. We have managed to escape Family Day so far. Please do not send that one south.

    This is the best phrase ever: "less of it to loathe."

  7. @Lollipop/Mel: Family Day is the same weekend as your Presidents Day... although I suppose they could always find another weekend for it there. ;)

  8. I know I'm a cracked record, but forget the US/Caribbean - there's always New Zealand! February is usually the best month to visit, the weather is usually good, the kids are back at school so it's not peak season. Nice days for barbecues and drinks on our deck. Given the exchange rate differences it's probably cheaper too. I'm waiting for you!

    It's possibly my favourite month for the above reasons - and for the fact it's my wedding anniversary too. I'm sorry you loathe it though. I probably feel that way about July.

  9. Most of your anti reasons apply for me to January. So I'm feeling on the way back up.

    I do like that Feb is short. Its always easy to calculate exactly a month in the future (except, of course, for leap years).

    I say there should be an ALI retreat in Cuba. Feb 2016.

  10. And what I meant to say before I hit "enter" ... may it pass quickly. Abiding with you, through every hour of it.

  11. Ugh. February. I'm eternally grateful that it is the shortest month of the year too. I hope it passes as quickly and as event free as possible.

    Family Day weekend sounds like a great weekend to be a hermit. That would be my coping strategy anyway.