Monday, April 20, 2015

#MicroblogMondays: Waiting for a shopping spree

Dh & I are in semi-desperate need of a new mattress, and some new bedding to go along with it -- a comforter set, sheets & pillowcases, bedskirt & window valance.  I'm afraid to admit just how old our current stuff is. Let's just say that we bought everything at Eatons (which, if you are Canadian, you might remember went out of business in (gulp) 1999). It was a Springmaid pattern called "Bridal Bouquet" (I actually found a photo via Google!) -- creamy white background with pink, blue, green & rust flowers & ribbons. Very Laura Ashley (which was very popular at the time).

Needless to say, the mattress is starting to sag a bit in the middle, the comforter is getting a bit yellowed and the sheets are starting to wear a little thin (even though I bought three sets that I rotate). Plus (much as I tend to cling to the familiar), I just feel like it's time for a change.

So I've been keeping my eyes open for something I like. I tend to be a bit picky... but (as you can tell) I usually hang onto things for quite awhile;  I might as well make sure I like it, right?  And I've found a few potential candidates recently. 

So what's holding me back? Blame Aunt Flo. A few years ago, when I started thinking some new stuff might be in order, I decided I should wait until she had made her final exit from my home and my life, and I was officially in menopause ( = one year from the date of my last period). Why ruin perfectly good new stuff, right? (especially if the stuff I wanted was white or light coloured...!)  And buying a whole new bedding set seemed like the perfect way to celebrate Aunt Flo's departure.  I figured it couldn't be that much longer. (Could it??)

Yet here I am, 54 years old and counting, the mattress keeps sagging further, and Aunt Flo still sashays in every month or so, almost like clockwork. :p   Wouldn't you know she's the one part of my reproductive system that has never failed me??

How often do you change your bedroom décor? 

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  1. I have to chuckle. I'm still working on my #MicroblogMonday post for my infertility blog and Aunt Flo is my main theme today also. I hope she isn't still around when I'm in my 50's.

    I actually change my bedroom decor about every 4-5 years. I find myself in a rut and want to get something new. But it never stops with just bedding; I have to make sure my bathroom has the same color scheme. My last one was red & brown, but I just changed it last year. I was ready for something more calm. Its now a light blue, grey and cream.

  2. In my last months of AF, I slept on a towel!

    We tend to go for more gender neutral bedlinens - I like clean lines, blacks and whites (as my husband complained the one time I bought a flowery bedspread - it was gorgeous though!). We rotate a summer and winter cover with summer and winter duvets - just put our winter one on. We've had it for quite a few years now. The years rush by, so it's hard to remember how long I've had them. Though perhaps it's because we don't have to change duvet covers as regularly now that we don't have cats anymore (rest their little souls) - the darlings did love to claw at them when they were happy!

    Our bed though is starting to get a bit lumpy, and it might be time to change the mattress too.

  3. We are overdue for new bedding too. Though the whole thought of this purchase makes my head spin as I loathe shopping.

    Bummer about Aunt Flo. But maybe the new purchase will signal her exit? One can hope, huh?

  4. I like your bedding a lot, which is odd because I'm not usually a flowery type of girl.

    Aunt Flo does put a wrench in the whole nice bedding thing. We're in desperate need of new sheets (the elastic is coming off of two edges) but I'm putting off buying them until I get my period issues straightened out, likely for the same reason as you. I tend to prefer reds and clean lines for the bedroom. Right now our winter comforter is rust red, chocolate brown, and gold and I love it and our summer comforter is chocolate brown. Unfortunately the dog likes to sleep on our bed when we're not home so both smell like dog and the winter comforter too big to fit in the washing machine. Both are starting to look a bit tired as they are around 8 years old. I'm casually looking to replace them but if I'm going to spend the money that good bedding costs, I'm going to love it!

    Fingers crossed that AF picks 2015 to make her final exit for you!

  5. We haven't changed the decor in probably 15 years. I've bought new sheets that match everything else, and I added some curtains that (sort of) match about 10 years ago, but that's about it. I think next time we paint the room we'll change everything.

  6. We ended up getting a mattress topper, which is super comfy and is prolonging the life if our mattress.

    Oh, Aunt Flo, you are a funny funny visitor.

  7. When I find a good sale? We have two duvet covers that rotate, a Laura Ashley shabby chic one that I bought about 15 years ago and a fairly plain Laura Ashley cream one, bought to match the nice sheets I bought on sale. I tend to prefer the mix and match look, so we have a mix of pillow cases and two neutral (light colours! Why) sheet sets. I like the idea of contrasting colours of sheets, and I tend to buy them when bargains are spotted.

  8. Haha. We hardly ever change things because we are lazy, basically, and it's the kind of thing we can easily not care about. I bought new sheets and duvet cover a bit over a year ago because the house was burgled and I wanted to change things up afterwards, also I didn't want to be lying in bed thinking "the burglars touched this" (creepy). But unless there's a good reason like that, or things get really ucky, we would not even think about it, probably.

  9. Oh man, that stinks that AF is hanging around just to mess with your bedding plans! We got a new mattress ourselves recently, but I'm not crazy about it. We should have gotten a sleep number, because I like a firmer mattress and Bryce likes a softer one, and so we're rarely both happy. I am loving the red-based Pottery Barn quilt we've had on our bed for about four years or so, but it needs serious blankets under it in the winter because it's not warm enough. Not to be gross, but I usually buy darker colored sheets or only put the red ones on when AF comes to town because I don't want to ruin the other ones, just in case. I love new sheets, I just don't get them as often as I'd like and I tend to buy them at Target (the jersey ones are nice and soft but bad with cat hair). Good luck in your quest for new bed linens, and I hope Ms. Flo goes the heck away.