Monday, December 14, 2015

#MicroblogMondays: Feeling old/feeling young

A few things that are making me feel old(er) lately:

* Younger Nephew got engaged this past weekend!!  (Wedding date still TBD -- his older brother's is this coming fall.)  I still think of him as an adorable, chubby, curly-headed toddler with a soother permanently stuck in his mouth.
* Discussing mother of the bride (& groom) dresses with SIL & Older Nephew's fiancée's mother this weekend, including the merits of dresses with sleeves when you're in your 50s.
* Getting the ubiquitous Christmas card photos from friends & neighbours and noticing how grown-up their kids (& grandkids!!) are becoming.
* Noticing a LOT more grey hair on my head lately.
* Seeing online photos of a holiday gathering of some of my high school classmates, & not being able to identify most of them. (On the other hand, feeling better about my own grey hairs when I see some of theirs, lol.)
*  Trying (& failing) to master a whole lot of new technology all at once. :p
* Only lasting two hours while Christmas shopping in the city last week. (Although to be fair, that's probably as much because of the cold I've been battling as my age...!)
* Trying (& failing) to get tickets to see Bruce Springsteen, & realizing "The River" (which he will be performing in its entirety) was released 35 years ago, when dh & I were both at university.
* Realizing that there's no way these days that I could stand for three hours for a rock concert on the floor like I did when I was 20. Reserved seats all the way!!  (Even if they are more expensive, lol.)

 A few things that make me feel like I'm still a kid: 

*  Watching Santa with the kids at the mall & wanting to go sit on his lap myself. ;)
*  Seeing the Christmas lights on the neighbours' houses, all lit up after dark.
* Enjoying the lights on my own Christmas tree every evening.
*  Passing by an outdoor neighbourhood skating rink that's under construction & wishing I still had a pair of skates (even though I haven't been skating in 30 years...!).
*  Finding myself wishing it would snow (even though I'm enjoying the current balmy temperatures...!) -- makes things much more Christmas-y.
*  Doing the daily advent calendar every morning with dh.
*  Counting the days until I see my family for the holidays (soon! soon!!).

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  1. And now I want to fly out to your area simply so I can take you ice skating. It's been years since I've been on a pair of skates too. But it would be so much fun.

    10 sleeps till Christmas.

    1. It would!! I used to LIVE at the rink when I was a kid...! I'm sure it would come back to me with a little practice. Although I suppose these days I'd have to wear a helmet, elbow & knee pads. ;) Aging, brittle bones, etc. :p ;)

  2. I have to laugh at this, because of course, I can relate!

    I particularly love your last list though, as I usually feel excited about Christmas. I don't have my tree up yet, because we've been away, but tonight I'm going to be nagging my DH to climb into the attic and get the tree and decorations.

  3. Can you believe that I've never been ice skating? Given my klutziness, it's probably a good thing. :)

    I love all of the Christmas lights too. So pretty!

  4. Coming from someone else who is noticing a ton more grey in recent days - I love your kid list! I've considered going to a local before, but yeah - the amount of padding I would need is too much to contemplate! :P

  5. I am so with you on the grey hair. Sometimes when my hair is pulled up I think it's much more grey than brown. Like it's grey hair with some brown streaks. Sniff.

    Oh, I think you should go sit on Santa's lap. I think it would be a cute picture.