Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Stuff to read & watch

  • Toronto Star columnist Catherine Porter wrote a lovely supportive article about Bill 141 and the need to change the way pregnancy loss is handled, both in Ontario hospitals and by society at large.  "Why should we feel shame about losing a child?" she asks. Good question!
    • Sample quote: “We have a two-tier treatment for mothers who are pregnant. If it’s a successful birth there is cheer, joy and care. If something goes wrong, the nurse walks out on you, they send you home or leave you in the hall for hours or next door to a room with a crying baby being born,” says Colle [MPP Mike Colle, who sponsored Bill 141 and whose daughter has lost three babies]. “Then you go home, and no one talks about it. You are supposed to suffer in silence.”
  • Front page article in today's Toronto Star about the Ontario government's recently announced move to fund IVF -- and how limited funding is turning the much-anticipated program into a "baby lottery." :p  The online coverage is far more extensive than the print version. As always, beware the comments -- when I looked, there was not one positive or supportive comment in the bunch. :p  :( 
  • In her ongoing video interview series, "Talking About Childlessness," Jody Day of Gateway Women chats with Lisa Manterfield of Life Without Baby about grief, Plan B, and handling the holidays --  both highly articulate spokespeople for our childless/free segment of the ALI community. Enjoy!

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