Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sunday Bookmarks: NYT: What We're Reading

Mel at Stirrup Queens has invited us to share our bookmarked blog posts and articles on Sundays.

This isn't exactly a bookmark or even one article -- but if you enjoy reading a variety of interesting, well-written articles, you might be interested in receiving a twice-weekly email newsletter from the New York Times called What We're Reading. Each email highlights a handful of great stories from around the web, as recommended by NYT reporters and editors.  Links from the most recent newsletter I received this week include articles about an art project related to the Great Migration, how Netflix organizes its movie genres, a travel blog written by a young couple, the political history of Taiwan, and how French children are educated about food, dining and taste. (There -- that's five links for you!) 

If you're interested, you can sign up (Caveat: the NYT paywall/freebie limits may apply.) 

To see what others have bookmarked and shared this week, check out Mel's post for this week, and the comments section. 


  1. Good recommendation! Though it's not like I need MORE links to get through. I do love being able to read articles on issues I wouldn't otherwise seek out though.

  2. Love this! I like NYT on Facebook, and I often get interesting things from them popping up on my newsfeed. I will definitely sign up!

  3. Smart recommendation. And it's interesting to see what they would curate.