Monday, March 14, 2016

#MicroblogMondays: Dress shopping

This past weekend, I went dress shopping with SIL -- as in mother of the groom dress shopping, for her to wear at her son (Oldest Nephew)'s wedding this fall.  It turned out to be a lot of fun overall -- but it did bring on a mixture of emotions for me:

Deja vu:  Walking into a bridal salon brought back happy memories of shopping for my own wedding dress, 31 years ago. And of going to a dressmaker's shop with SIL 30 years ago to be fitted for my matron of honour dress for her wedding to BIL.
Disbelief: Am I really this old that I'm now shopping for mother of the bride/groom dresses?? And is Oldest Nephew (who is also my godson) really old enough to be getting married??  
Sadness: I will never get to shop for my own mother of the bride or groom dress for my own child's wedding.
Gratitude: That SIL asked me to share in this experience with her. No, it's not the same thing as being able to shop for my own dress for my own child's wedding -- but it's as close as I'm going to get, and I was happy to be able to share in her happiness, and help her find the perfect dress for this major life occasion.
* Glee:  I suppose there are some women who would not be interested in spending the afternoon in a shop surrounded by pretty dresses in beautiful colours and fabrics and bling -- but I'm not one of them. ;)  I have very few places to wear pretty dresses these days (let alone long fancy gowns) -- but it's sure fun to look and imagine.

We did find a beautiful dress for SIL to wear, and ordered it.

And then (the icing on the cake of the day) we went to the mall, and found a kick-ass dress for me to wear too. :)

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  1. Ooh, your dress looks fabulous!

  2. I should have added, "Bring on the Spanx!!" lol :p ;)

  3. I love your dress!! Very stylish.

    I also have mixed feelings about dress shopping. I love the gowns and the colors, but rarely wear anything like this. *Sigh* it's fun to dream though.

    I'm glad you got to go shopping with SIL. Even if it brought up a mixture of emotions. I'm glad you two were able to share in this together.

  4. VA-VOOM! I love YOUR dress.

    While I don't like to go dress shopping for myself, I love to go dress shopping for other people. Fun that she included you in that special day.

  5. Ooh, that dress is gorge! Seriously gorgeous.

  6. I love the dress you chose! (And your honesty about all the mixed feelings--and the ability to enjoy yourself in spite of the sadness.)

  7. I'm so glad you got to choose your own dress as part of the day. I love it!

    I've been to two weddings of nieces. The first time I saw my sister as Mother of the Bride, I felt definite twinges of "what-ifs." The second time I was used to it, and my husband and I were was so completely included as part of the family, that it was wonderful.

    I also have to admit - I love shopping for others, and I'm pretty darn good at it, so I would have enjoyed this too.

  8. I love the dress you chose! And I laughed when I saw your comment about the spanx. It was my first thought when I imagined myself in the dress.

    I get the mixed feelings.

  9. Sounds like fun, though I do understand the pangs of sadness. I love your dress! It is definitely kickass!

  10. Wow…. Knockout dress!

    Yeah, your list of emotions has popped up over the years at different times for me too…it’s nice to be included on such special occasions.

  11. Love your dress!

    I'm sorry that there was a tinge of sadness - can't be avoided, I suppose.