Monday, March 21, 2016

#MicroblogMondays: Zzzzzzzz...

There came a point this afternoon when I couldn't keep my eyes open. I slept for about five hours last night, woke up at around 4, couldn't get back to sleep, and eventually got up around 5. It's been a busy, stressful couple of weeks, and I guess it just caught up to me.

So I laid down on the couch, dh threw a blanket over me, and I had a nap. For two hours.

I'm generally not much of a nap person. (My mother will certainly tell you so, haha -- apparently she had to bribe me to take naps when I was a toddler. ;)  )  Never slept much in the car either, although we took a lot of long road trips when I was growing up. I did start taking more naps when I was in university (no doubt to compensate for the many late nights of party-- oops, studying!! lol  ;)  )  And I napped somewhat more often while I was pregnant with Katie.

I don't like the groggy way I often feel when I wake up after a nap. Or the feeling that I've wasted time when I could have been doing something productive, or fun. Or the feeling that I must be getting older, snoozing in the middle of the day like this. :p

But sometimes, you just have to close your eyes and let sleep take over. (And hey, I did get a blog post out of it, lol. ;)  )

Naps -- yay or nay?

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  1. Yay to naps!!! I've always been a napper. Especially on hot summer afternoons.

  2. I want to like naps. I want to be a napper. But I can't. I can't fall asleep at night, and asking my body to sleep during the day AND night is apparently too much for it to handle. If I try to nap during the day, it punishes me in the evening. I am a terrible sleeper.

  3. I learnt to be a napper in Thailand. The Thais can sleep anywhere and everywhere. You'll see people sleeping on the top of cargo (for example, sacks of rice) in an open truck, rumbling along the roads. Though I will say, napping in the car on the way to a meeting (when I had a work driver in Bangkok) was never a good idea!

    I am a good napper now, and I find if I set the alarm for about 25 minutes, about five minutes after waking, I feel a LOT better. Longer naps are harder to recover from.

    You've got me wanting a nap now, but there are one or two things I want to do first!

  4. I am in love with the nap. Probably because I suffer such awful hot flashes at night, and therefore NEVER get a good night's sleep. And then there's the shift work messing with my brain. Interestingly, I'm working on a post about my horrid sleep habits, and how they have been impacting my life- it seems we're on the same wavelength! :)

  5. I'm like you...never napped as a baby...drove my mother crazy. My brother showed up 12 months after me. (He was the good baby...napped all the time.)

    I nap now but only if I'm ill. Yesterday I had an hour long nap from the migraine that I had. Couldn't do anything anyway. Yesterday's migraine was the kind where the "sun is too loud" (a saying of my dads).

    But it takes a migraine or the flu for me to feel that I need a nap. Other wise I just stay up until it is time for bed; being slow and sluggish. If I nap without being ill I don't sleep at night.

  6. Yay naps! I took one Sunday afternoon. Sometimes I need to make up sleep, and I can't sleep late any more.

  7. The only time I nap during the day is if I’m sick. Otherwise it makes going to sleep later in the evening much too difficult. I also don’t like that jet-lagged, out-of-it feeling.
    The closest I get to a nap during the day is me reclining on the lounge with a book for some down time.
    My hubby, being Mediterranean, will take a siesta every chance he gets, an old habit he refuses to give up.

  8. I don't nap for many of the reasons you say. I need to be productive! But still, sometimes I do :-)