Friday, March 18, 2016

Right now

Right now... (an occasional meme):

Reading:  Lisa Manterfield's new book, Life Without Baby. Review to come. :)

Watching/Listening:  A 2002 PBS special, featuring folk singers from the 1960s -- the stuff I grew up hearing & singing in school. I can still sing along to just about every song, too. ;) 

Following:  The U.S. presidential primaries. (It's unavoidable, even though I'm not American and have no say in the outcome...! :p )

Drinking: Water. I keep a glass close by to sip on through the day.

Eating:  ACE Bakery Mini Crisps with olive oil & sea salt -- yum!

Wearing: My usual yoga pants & T-shirt. :)  And planning what I should wear to younger nephew's engagement party this weekend. (I keep changing my mind...)

Avoiding (or trying to, lol): The crowds of parents & kids enjoying (??) spring break this week. We forgot & went to the mall on St. Patrick's Day, where there was some kind of kiddie performance going on in the centre court. Oy, the noise!! The strollers!! (lol)  We wisely made a beeline for the food court to grab an early lunch, before the performance ended and that space too was overrun.

Anticipating:  Our upcoming move to our new condo.

Wishing:  That we could skip over the chaos & upheaval & hard work of the next few weeks & just be there already. :p

Loving:  The new bedding set we bought last week, to go with our new mattress. After 20+ years (erk!!), we figured it was time for new stuff, especially for a new place. :)

Wondering:  Why do they make mattresses so darned thick/high these days? (My one peeve about our new set.)  I feel like I need a stepstool to climb in & out of bed!


  1. I love this meme. I might copy you - although I perhaps did a version of this for #MM too.

    I've been meaning to review Lisa's book too, on Goodreads and Amazon. Thanks for reminding me.

    And I'm hoping that you move through the next few weeks without any major dramas.

  2. Ack! Why would you buy your new mattress and bedding set BEFORE you moved, when you could have just had it delivered to the new place? (Actually, I would have waited on the bedding, but getting the new mattress and taking away the old one sometimes has coordination issues.)