Sunday, June 19, 2016

Odds & ends

  • My life is consumed with transitions lately, it seems. I still feel like we're not quite settled into our condo. Partly, I think, that's because we have furniture on order that won't be delivered until at least the end of the month. And we've been waiting to bring out & arrange our photos and other knick-knacks until then. (Yes, more boxes to unpack...!)
  • We did paint a couple of weekends ago (for those of you wondering, I settled on the blue paint), and that helped make the condo feel a little more our own.
  • Of course, the sofa we subsequently bought, from a fabric swatch, was more khaki/greenish than the grey/taupe-ish I expected -- and now I'm thinking I should have gone with the greyer shade of paint...!  :p  I am currently rethinking my colour scheme and the decorative knick-knacks I was planning to buy.
  • My body is also in transition these days.  I've been having some weird (peri)menopausal/gynecological stuff going on again lately -- cramping & spotting almost every day for well over a week after the main event of AF's visit (some days better/worse than others). (Thankfully, and knocking wood, things seem to have -- finally -- settled down again now.)  The ultrasound I had done in April raised no real alarms -- but the tech did note one area that was difficult to see clearly, where she thought there might be a slight thickening in the uterine lining. I went for my regular checkup with Dr. Ob-Gyn a few weeks ago and he thinks there's nothing to worry about, but he's agreed to send me back for another u/s in the fall for comparison, to ease my mind. 
  • We have been for gelato three times over the past three weekends. If I don't gain 300 lbs. living here, it will be a miracle.
  • A friend posted photos on FB of sending her son off to nursery school, 15 years ago -- and picking him up on his very last day of school Friday. It hadn't hit me before that he too is Katie's age & graduating high school this month. One more reminder I didn't need. :p  Two more weeks to go in June, and it should all be over, yes??!  :p 
  • It's Father's Day. We went to see FIL last night, I Skyped with my dad this morning, and left the rest of today's agenda entirely up to dh.  Which meant an earlier trip to the bookstore (natch! ;) ), a roast simmering in the crockpot for dinner (yum!), golf on the TV, and dh napping on the couch as I type. ;)   Ahhhh, Sundays. :) 


  1. dear Loribeth, it is nice to see your updates.
    Regarding spotting almost every day: I had this lately too. It just sucks. My mom entered menopause when 42, so I guess these are some early signs for me.
    Enjoy the gelato! What's your favourite flavour? This is my favourite gelato chain in Italy: (if you ever visit Italy, you should try it!)

    1. Dear Klara, to eat gelato IN Italy is one of my life ambitions!! lol My favourite flavour is generally the limone (lemon) but I have also had chocolate & raspberry and loved those too. The place we went to last time had lime, which dh picked. He let me try some & it was good too. Sort of like a frozen margarita. ;)

    2. dear Loribeth, this is great, that visiting Italy is on your wish list. Since our capital, Ljubljana, is only 3 hours of driving by car from Venice. Looking forward to meeting you one day also in person!
      lots of love from sLOVEnia,

  2. Ugh to your unruly uterus! Fingers crossed that this is the beginning of the end and that you won't have to deal with it much longer!

    I love your blue walls! I think that you picked a great color and I'm sure it will match your new furniture better than expected.

    I'll be thinking about you a lot over these next few weeks! I can't even imagine how tough it's going to be for you and dh.

  3. Ahhh, Sundays indeed. Even when there's no work the next day. Even on tough Sundays.

    Yum, gelato.

    Glad your Ob-Gyn is looking out for you.

    I quite like the fact that you're still selling in to the condo, taking the time to make it your own.