Thursday, June 8, 2017

Odds & ends

  • I went to see Jann Arden earlier this week, the final "lecture" in the Unique Lives & Experiences series that a friend & I bought season's tickets for this year. (Previous speakers included Julia Gillard, Linda Ronstadt, Susan Aglukark and Lara Logan.)  Not sure how many of you outside of Canada know her, but in addition to being an amazing singer/songwriter, she's a well-known -- and hilarious -- media personality. (She is also single and has no children.)  She often appears as a guest host on "The Social" (Canada's version of "The View" or "The Talk") & has made many memorable appearances on "The Rick Mercer Report."  Her "lecture" was based on her memoir, which I reviewed here, including stories & life lessons about growing up in rural Alberta, how she got started in music, and how the last 10 years of her life have been consumed by caring for her aging parents. It was the best-attended lecture of the series (almost a full house).  
    • As if she needed to further endear herself to me, she complained about being "55 years old and still spending $80 a month on sanitary products," as well as joking about not being able to wear white pants and ruining restaurant chairs. A kindred spirit!! lol  
  • On a related note, I had my annual checkup/Pap with Dr. Ob-Gyn this week (who hinted he may be contemplating retirement.... nooooooooooo.....!!). All was well. I did complain about the fact that I'm 56 & still getting more or less regular periods... he promised me it WILL stop, someday, and sooner vs later!  I told him, "It hasn't been anything I can't handle... it's just that, after 45 years of this, I'm getting JUST a little tired of it!"   
    • The waiting room was PACKED with pregnant women and new mothers with their babies. Of course. It actually didn't bother me as much as it sometimes does. Thank goodness... I guess after almost 19 (!) years, you become a little inured to these things.
    • After my appointment, I went shopping. :) And treated myself to some cute new summer tops. :) 
  • We signed up for Netflix this week. (I know, I know, I'm probably the last person on earth... hey, I'm an aging baby boomer/borderline GenXer, give me a break...!) It actually wasn't as complicated as I was afraid it might be to set up.  Any suggestions to add to my queue (although Netflix Canada doesn't offer all the stuff that's available on Netflix USA)? Right now I'm watching season one of "The Crown."  Any idea when we can look for season 2?? 
  • Love this post from Jess about "the mountain that got away." The mountain in question was in Myanmar, but I kept thinking about Everest and Jon Krakauer's book "Into Thin Air," and how so many people perished because they were so determined to reach the summit, even when they knew that dwindling oxygen, bad weather, darkness & plunging temperatures were upon them. Sometimes, "giving up" can be the smartest thing you'll ever do.  


  1. I agree! "Sometimes, 'giving up' can be the smartest thing you'll ever do." It can also be the hardest, strongest, and most life saving thing too.

  2. You've got to watch Anne With an E on Netflix (it might just be called Anne in Canada?). It's so much better than I expected a remake of Anne of Green Gables to be--the first episode made me laugh and cry.

  3. oh yeah "the crown" is good. "Outlander" is also on Netflix, think I remember you mentioning the books before. I quite like "Reign" too. I'm loving "the Good Wife" at the moment if you like courtroom drama type things.

  4. You're the second last person on earth - I don't have Netflix... missing so much good stuff

  5. If you have it in Canada, Orange is the New Black, Grace and Frankie, Stranger Things, and The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt are all funny.They also have every season of Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and the Gilmore Girls.