Thursday, June 1, 2017

Right now

Right now... (an occasional meme, alternating from time to time with "The Current"):  

Reading:  Online stuff (of course) -- & a lot of magazines that have piled up over the past few months. I want/need to get a new book started soon... but which one??  (Most recent purchase: "The Death of Expertise" by Tom Nichols.) 

Watching:  "Designated Survivor" is done for the season, but it will be back this fall. It ended with a cliffhanger, but not before a rousing feel-good speech by "designated survivor"-turned-President Tom Kirkman --- Kiefer Sutherland, who seemed to be channeling his late grandfather, who was quite an orator himself and something of a Canadian hero. ;)  We are still watching "Genius" on the National Geographic channel, about Albert Einstein, which is more soap opera than physics (thankfully for me, lol), but somewhat interesting. And of course, "The Handmaid's Tale" continues to both chill and to fascinate. 

This weekend, I hope to be watching the new "Wonder Woman" movie on the big screen. :)  I never watched the Lynda Carter TV series when I was growing up, and I'm not a comic book devotee by any means, but I enjoy a good superhero(ine) movie now & then. :)  

Eating:  Our first gelatos of the season, last weekend! :)  

Drinking: My morning tea. :) 

Following: The #covfefe kerfuffle on Twitter. ;)  Some funny stuff there (although I think its 15 minutes of fame are almost up). 

Wearing:  Capris & sandals (yay!!) -- they FINALLY came out of the closet, just before the Victoria Day long weekend -- but they still haven't gotten a lot of wear yet, because the weather lately has been rainy & on the cool side. :(   Plus a lot of thunderstorms over the last few days. :(   (Forecast for the next few days looks good, though!) 

Enjoying:  Being able to sit with the balcony door open again (sometimes even when it's raining, depending on the direction it's coming from). 

Admiring: Our new coffee table & end tables, which were delivered earlier this week. They were custom made to match the other furniture we ordered last year, shortly after we moved in (a TV stand, round table & four chairs, china cabinet (my favourite!) and narrow bookcase that fits nicely into a corner and holds our CDs and DVDs). The new tables have drawers to stash stuff in and shelves underneath where books & magazines can be stowed. 

Preparing:  To attend SIL's niece's baby shower this weekend.  :p  I've known the niece since she was born; we attended her parents' wedding, and SIL & both nephews' partners will be going, as well as some of dh's aunts & cousins (who are also related to her -- it's complicated...!), so it's kind of hard to say no to the invitation. 

On the plus side, it's a good excuse to get my first mani-pedi of the season!! ;) That's tomorrow. 

Planning: Our annual summer trek to see the family. :) 

Anticipating: Fresh veggies & new potatoes from my dad's garden -- yum!! 

Wondering:  Whatever happened to May?? And how is it now June (and almost halfway through 2017)???  

The days sometimes drag... but the months & years go flying by... 

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  1. I always love your book recommendations. I'm adding The Death of Expertise to my library list. I'm reading Carrie Fisher's memoirs right now,since they finally became available and I've been waiting since December, but I think I need to do something nonfiction next to balance out the celebrity memoir overdose.