Saturday, June 10, 2017

"The lost tribe"

You would think that it would be pretty hard to ignore a group that represents 1 in 5 women -- but that's exactly how those of us over-40s who live without children -- some by choice, but many more not -- often feel in a world where parents are the majority and the sight of an adorable infant or a baby bump sends people into a tizzy.   

Jody Day of Gateway Women calls us "the lost tribe" and "the biggest diversity group HR hasn't heard of" -- and she recently gave us eloquent voice at a TEDx Talk in Hull, England, now available on YouTube. She covers a lot of ground in a very short amount of time, and I daresay that most of those non-tribe members of the audience learned something new from her. Watch/ listen, learn and share! :) 


  1. So interesting! I had no idea the number was so high... 1 in 5. Amazing that marketing, TV, movies don't reflect such a high percentage. Oh, oh, the assumption of "she didn't really LOSE anything..." that disenfranchised grief part hit hard. All those nevers... And all the bingo comments. Argh. I love her words and her demeanor. So important to listen to. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Jody Day is fantastic. She's put herself out there, centre stage, in a culture that isn't the most welcoming towards single, childfree, age-forty-plus females: the stigma and the sneering is definitely still around. She's heroic. I do think things will change, because they have to change if 1 in 5 are without offspring. Thank God for Jody, she puts me to shame for having an anonymous blog...