Thursday, February 8, 2018

Day 1, 20 years later

It's THAT day again. Exactly 20 years ago today (TWENTY YEARS!!) I got my period. Nothing unusual or notable at the time -- but my life was about to change forever.

I'd been getting periods since I was 11 and I had just turned 37. I had thrown away my birth control pills a little over two years earlier, and the excitement of those early months of trying to conceive -- unsuccessfully, one month after another -- had given way to a nagging feeling that time was rapidly passing, I wasn't getting any younger, and perhaps this motherhood thing wasn't going to happen after all.

I was about to be proven wrong.

Or so I thought...

February 8, 1998, will forever be branded in my memory as my "LMP date" -- the first day of my last period before I became pregnant for the first and only time -- a 26-week rollercoaster ride of joy, anxiety and raw terror -- which abruptly ended in stillbirth in early August.  That was followed by profound grieving (over many years, the intensity eventually subsided;  the grief, however, remains)(and always will);  increasing desperation, infertility testing and treatment; enormous stress, crippling anxiety and debilitating panic attacks.  Eventually, there was resignation to and, finally, acceptance of, our permanent childlessness.

10 years ago, I relived my pregnancy in detail on this blog with posts tagged "1998 memories."  I don't intend to do that again (once was enough...) -- but that doesn't mean the memories won't be there, or that I won't revisit them from time to time as significant milestones present themselves, again. (You have been forewarned...! ;)  )


  1. Hugs. 20 years, of this journey. Katie will forever be in your heart and always loved. Mimi

  2. Thinking of you as you remember that moment, as you think of Katie and that seemingly innocuous beginning on your LMP. Much love your way!

  3. Thinking of you too. The memories will come and go. I am always honoured when you share them with us. Hugs.

  4. Late to this Loribeth, but just wanted to say that you honour us sharing the story of your pregnancy and your daughter Katie; and in that sharing, you are helping many others who read and may not be able to respond at this particular moment in time. Love and kudos to you, and remembering your beautiful daughter xxx