Monday, February 26, 2018

#MicroblogMondays: Good stuff, bad stuff...

First, the not-so-good stuff:

  • Aunt Flo is here. Again. :p (Boo, hiss...) 
  • It's STILL February... (for a short month, it's been a loonnngggg month...) 
The good stuff: 
  • It's been milder and the sun has been shining these past few days (yay!).  I left my coat unzipped as we walked across the parking lot from the car to the supermarket today (living dangerously!!  lol).  Dare I hope that spring might (just might) be on the way?? 
  • (FINALLY!) Taking the subway downtown from the new extension station near us (a 10-minute drive from our condo). 
  • Spending time with dh's extended family over the weekend, including a birthday celebration for a beloved aunt.  
  • Older Nephew's puppy going nuts when he sees me. :)
  • Dress for Younger Nephew's wedding is ready for pickup at the seamstress, where I've been having some alterations done. :)  
  • Lindor milk chocolate mini-Easter eggs. :) 
  • A record 29 Canadian medals at the Olympics to celebrate, including gold in ice dancing and bronze in both pairs & women's figure skating. :)   (We won't talk about the curling, lol...)  
  • Oscar night is Sunday!!  :)  
  • The amazing kids from Marjory Stoneman Douglas school in Parkland, Florida. They've blown me away with what they've endured and what they've been able to accomplish in such a short period of time -- and they give me a glimmer of hope for America's future. 
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  1. AF. Boo hiss indeed!
    Argh. I'm going to miss Oscar day (in my part of the world), I think.
    I laughed at the puppy going nuts when he sees you.
    NZ had a record winter Olympics too. We got two medals, when we've only ever had one before - and that was 26 years ago! Our "flying kiwis" were both only 16, so there is hope for the future.
    And yes, those kids are inspiring.

  2. Ugh, February is the WORST. And AF, WTF? GO AWAY already! Love puppy enthusiasm, and woo hoo to the dress for the wedding! Alterations are amazing. So agreed on the survivors of Parkland. They are awesome and tenacious and don't accept "NO." Love them so much. Maybe there can actually be change. And Oscars! YES! I actually am going to an Oscar Gala on Sunday, I've always wanted to and Bryce got tickets because his work is related to Kodak in a weird way... so FANCY OSCAR NIGHT! Wooo. Although I suspect around 10:00 I'll be missing my pajamas. :) Congrats on all those medals!

  3. February HAS seemed like a loooong month, I agree! Damn AF, she is making her rounds. She found me and both my daughter’s this past week, as well.
    So much good here, really love that the good list is so much longer than the bad! Congrats on the Olympics. I didn’t watch so I had no idea how it all played out, but now I know that Canada rocked!