Monday, February 12, 2018

#MicroblogMondays: Odds & ends from the dead of winter

  • Anxiety has been rearing its ugly head again lately and running rampant through my brain. Not sure why. (Well, I suppose I can guess at a few reasons:  reminders of 20 years ago, midlife perimenopausal hormones (still!! at 57!!), dreary, crappy February weather ( = extreme cabin fever)... )
  • On that note: This seems to be The Winter That Will Never End.  (I'm sure I say this every winter, but seriously -- I am so over winter at this point...)  The snow does look pretty when it falls softly outside our windows & coats all the trees... but then it turns to freezing rain and then slush, making it difficult (& dangerous) to get out & around. Ugh. SO. READY. For this to be over!!  (Although I'm sure I still have a while to wait...!) 
  • The Winter Olympics are providing a welcome distraction. Figure skating is my longtime love, of course, but I could happily watch just about any of the winter sports (including the much-derided curling -- never played myself, but I spent a LOT of time in curling rinks when I was a kid, watching both my parents play). As I mentioned in a comment to Mel,  I've harboured a longtime secret desire to take a ride in a bobsled.  (You will never catch me on a luge or skeleton, though... I think those guys are NUTS.)  
  • Counting down the weeks to Younger Nephew's wedding. I took my dress to a local seamstress last week for some alterations. It's going to cost a little more than I thought, but I did get a good deal on the dress, so I suppose it all evens out. She told me it was a beautiful colour on me (teal green), which was a confidence-booster. :) 
  • Younger Nephew texted me this weekend (a happy thing in & of itself).  He's working on the slide show they're doing for the wedding reception, and wanted to know if I happened to have any of the (hundreds & hundreds of) photos I took of him (& his brother) as a baby/kid in digital format. I'd given his mother duplicate hard copies over the years, but of course, digital copies would save him a lot of scanning work. I was SO HAPPY to be able to tell him that I had ALL of his photos, going back to Day One, in digital format. :)  (I haven't quite gotten as far back as his older brother's baby photos.... they didn't do a slide show at their wedding, and I was disappointed, one, not to be asked to provide photos, and two, not to have an excuse to get them digitized ASAP.)  I spent all day Sunday on my laptop, going through 25 years of photos & copying them over to a thumb drive for him to pick & choose from. To say I am happy to be able to do this for him & his fiancee, to contribute to their wedding in some small way, is an understatement. :)  #auntietotherescue  :)  
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  1. There's something about this time of year that brings out the anxiety in force. My working theory is cabin fever that has added up over the years.

    Wonderful about the photos of younger nephew! That will be such a treat for him. Also great to hear a wonderful compliment on your dress. Cannot wait to see you in it.

    And the winter that will not end. Well, we've got the crazy weather down here (snow that complete melt followed by snow, repeat), so I'm ready for some consistent warm weather and sunshine.

  2. Ugh, feeling the cabin fever. I love when it's snowing and cozy inside, but don't love when it's icy/slushy/slippery and I feel like I'm taking my life in my hands when I drive to school or other places. By the time March comes, I'm ready for just straight up thaw. It seems we get a big burst of super winter weather in March the past few years though, so I guess I'll look forward to April? I think when it's dark and cloudy and everything is shades of gray it impacts the mood, definitely. Memories of loss and those stupid dang perimenopausal hormones just pile it all on. I'm so glad you could get those photos for Younger Nephew's wedding! What a great moment. And yeah, skeleton just looks like a death wish to me. :)