Sunday, April 29, 2018

Sunday night odds & ends

  • Some belated post-wedding notes: It took me several days to recuperate (physically & emotionally) from Younger Nephew's wedding. And my knee is still not back to normal. :p  An unwelcome reminder that we are definitely not in our 20s anymore (lol/eyeroll). 
  • The newlyweds are back from their honeymoon & back at work. They even brought home a souvenir for me & dh. To say I was tickled is an understatement. :) 
  • We're starting to look ahead to summer holidays and our usual visit home to see my family. I like to try to be there when my sister has some time off work, and that's usually been the last part of July. Unfortunately, this year, most of July is out for my sister -- but she can get two weeks in early August. Which is fine, except those dates would coincide with Katie's anniversary dates. We've been away for those dates before, but this year is 20 years, so there's a little more emotion involved. Sigh. :( 
  • My laptop has been acting up lately. Last weekend, it refused to launch properly, which resulted in a panicked phone call to my sister's tech-whiz boyfriend. He spent over an hour on the phone with me, accessing my computer remotely and coaching me through a fix, for which I am grateful... but let's face it, it's an 8-year-old machine (!) -- my last two computers (both desktops) lasted 7 years each before I replaced them -- so I'm probably reaching the "pushing it" phase of its existence. :p  So I'm keeping my eyes open for a good deal on a new laptop. Dh doesn't even use his anymore;  he relies solely on his smartphone these days -- but then he doesn't do as much typing as I do. ;) (He offered me his, but it has an AWFUL keyboard with sticky keys, etc. -- the few times I've used it have been exercises in complete & utter frustration.) I can manage a brief Facebook comment from  my phone, but anything much more than that, I need my laptop and full-sized keyboard. (I know a few of you blog from your phones, which completely amazes me!!) 


  1. If it's just the keyboard, you could get an external keyboard to plug in if you don't usually take it somewhere but just use it at home?

  2. I'm replying on my phone (thanks to a Swype keyboard), but couldn't blog on it!

    Totally agree with Turia's comment. I use a separate screen and keyboard. Much cheaper to change than a laptop. Mine is over 5 years old, and is starting to grumble. I'm sticking with it as long as I can, but I'm backing up a lot more often these days!

  3. Interesting, I hadn't thought about that. One other thing about using dh's computer is it's actually a netbook with a small screen...I'm guessing it's 12" or even less. I'm used to mine, which is 15.6 inches. I could make do with a smaller screen as a temporary solution, but I do like having something bigger sometimes, especially after looking at my phone for a few hours, lol. Of course, even my phone is slightly larger than average...! ;)