Monday, April 2, 2018

#MicroblogMondays: The dress I left behind me

About a month ago, I was at the mall and saw a dress on the winter clearance rack at Nordstrom's... a fancy party dress, off the shoulder with some bling around the waistline, in a very pretty shade of dark, rich green (with perhaps just a hint of teal) that I know is one of "my" colours. It was marked down 40% = a little over $120, I think. And it was in my size. (This dress, but in dark green instead of pink.) 

I looked at it -- and looked again -- and then I walked away. 

But I couldn't stop thinking about it. I was back at the same mall two weeks later, & as I turned down the wing where Nordstrom's is, I knew I was heading back to the dress department to see if it was still there. It was -- so I gave in to temptation and... tried it on. It fit me perfectly (and would look even better with Spanx underneath, I'm sure, lol).  Quite frankly, it looked great on me. 

But I still walked away empty-handed.

So why didn't I buy it?  

The problem is, I already HAVE a dress for Younger Nephew's imminent wedding. (Not only that, it's teal green, slightly off the shoulder, and has some bling near the waistline...!). And we have no other upcoming weddings or other special occasions on the calendar in the foreseeable future where I could wear such a dress.  Even if there was, I already have several other pretty dresses hanging in my closet that I've only worn once or twice, which I could/probably should wear again. Plus, being retired, we're on a fixed income these days, and while we live pretty comfortably overall, money was slightly tight just then. My conscience would not allow me to spend $120 I didn't really have, on a dress that I don't really need, particularly one that resembles a dress I already have hanging in my closet. 

I'm going back to the mall tomorrow. I don't expect the dress will still be there, after all this time -- but I suppose stranger things have happened. If it is, I may just break down & buy it. After all, how many fancy black dresses do I own -- why not a few green dresses too, right?? ;)  (Plus, we just got "paid," so our cash flow issues have been resolved for another month, lol.)  

What would you have done?  How often do you get all dressed up for a special occasion, and how many times do you normally wear the same fancy dress?  

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ETA:  Update in the comments section! 


  1. Now I’m curious to hear if it’s still there!

    One thought: have you thought about consigning your other dresses? Maybe making room for this new dress if it’s still there?

    Regardless, I likely would be doing the same thing. I love fancy clothes but rarely have the occasions to wear them. That said, maybe this is a date dress?

    1. It would have to be a pretty fancy date, I think, lol. ;) I will post an update after tomorrow!

      I sent several of my older dresses to Goodwill before we moved two years ago... I did try consignment for some of my clothes a few years ago, but frankly it was a disappointing experience, didn't get much takeup. I guess there's always Kijiji, etc., but I sometimes feel like that's more trouble than it's worth.

      Dresses in my closet right now:
      * the dress I bought to wear to Younger Nephew's upcoming wedding.
      * a sleeveless print fancy dress I wore once, six years ago, to dh's cousin's daughter's wedding. (If I was looking to get rid of some of the dresses in my closet, this would probably be the first to go... it was OK, but I don't love it.)
      * a sleeveless black with white braid trim that I bought for my parents' 50th wedding anniversary, 8 years ago, and also wore to my company's long-service awards dinner when I received my 25-year service award, 7 years ago.
      * a black sleeveless fancy dress, bought at a bargain price 5+ years ago but never worn.
      * a black sleeveless dress with a large floral print, which I bought for $39!! 8 years ago, and have worn to three different weddings. (Not bad value, eh??)
      * the fancy dress (charcoal grey with lurex/glitter) that I wore to Older Nephew's wedding, a year & a half ago.
      * three cheap, casual cotton summer sundresses (two from Old Navy & one from Target).
      * several "keepsake" dresses: three maternity dresses; two dresses from the 1960s that were my grandmother's; a white linen 1920s-style drop-waist dress that I bought around the time we got married & I only ever wore once; and the royal blue taffeta dress I wore as SIL's maid of honour, 32 years ago. :) (And my own wedding dress, but it's boxed up & stored in another closet.)

  2. Oh no, this could become The Dress That Got Away! So, for some strange reason, we are suddenly fancy-dress party goers lately. Bryce's job has us invited to galas, and so I have to have gala-fancy dresses. I do recycle them though and wear some at a variety of events, especially since I don't have weddings anymore, at least very rarely. I'm sure that will cycle back around. I am a sucker for buying a new dress for a new occasion though, and I have to stop and reevaluate my closet before any more come into the house. Is this a dress you'd feel comfortable wearing out to a fancy dinner, given the occasion? Could you wear it to things other than weddings? Could you host a "fancy cocktail party" at your house to have an option to wear it? :) That's a dream of mine, to host a dressy cocktail party and be all Mad Men without the sexism, cigarettes, and despair. I say if it's there when you visit a third time, perhaps it's winking at you. Usually when I do this the dress will disappear and I regret it forever, so if it's there this third time... Maybe snag it. It's calling out to you!

  3. I was going to suggest going out to a very fancy restaurant, to celebrate DH's big birthday!

    Though I will admit, I bought a nice black dress a couple of years ago, just because it really suited me, and I imagined I had events coming up where I could wear it. I still haven't worn it! Though it's nice to think it is there if I need it. Sigh. At least it was on sale, I guess.

  4. Went to the mall today & went to Nordstroms. It was there. I bought it. :) :) :) I don't know when or where I'm going to get to wear it, but it's mine! ;)

    1. I love a story with a happy ending!!! :) I am so glad you bought the dress!

  5. There was a time when I would've impulsively bought dresses I liked. But not anymore. btw was that dress still available?
    dropping by from MicroblogMondays

    1. Suzy, yes, and i bought it!! :) See my comment above. ;) Thanks for dropping by!