Thursday, April 19, 2018

Snooze time?

A Facebook friend (an online friend, albeit not an ALI-related one) is on a sunspot vacation this week with some online friends. Turns out they are friends she "met" online during one of her pregnancies (she has four adult children). 

And guess what? -- they are "[Katie's due date month] Moms." (I am not going to write out the month here, in order to try to minimize the chances that she might stumble onto this post.) 

Thank GOD her pregnancy was 21 years ago & not 20 years ago. I'm not sure I could have handled that. :(   

(I never joined an online pregnancy group, thank goodness -- I was still a bit leery of the Internet back then. Although I did lurk on some "[Katie's due date month] 1998 Moms" groups now & then, during my pregnancy, & then later on, when I was in a self-flagellating mood. :p ) 

As it is, I am not handling this very well. :(  She is posting tons of photos with captions "[Katie's due date month] Moms do this" & "[Katie's due date month] Moms do that." I'm glad she's having a good time -- and Lord knows, no one knows more than I do how wonderful online friends can be ;)  -- but yikes, this has been tough. I'm actually surprised at how much this is bothering/annoying me;  I haven't felt this way in quite a long time. Perhaps time to try out Facebook's "snooze for 30 days" feature??  


  1. Definitely time to hit snooze. Snooze her for six months! You don't need to see it, or the aftermath of her trip.


  2. I'm sorry. That sounds tough. I always wanted a kid, and I thought it would be fun to have the support of a moms group. Not being a part of one of those kinds of groups was another thing I lost and had to grieve.

    Definitely hit snooze or hide your friend for a while. That's great that she is having a good vacation with friends, but that has nothing to do with you and you don't need any reminders. (If I may so humbly state my opinion...) <3