Thursday, August 1, 2019

Right now

Right now... (an occasional meme, alternating from time to time with "The Current")

Reading:  I read 6 (!) books in July (all reviewed here on my blog). I generally do get several books read during a vacation, but it's been quite a while since I racked up 6 books in one month...!  :)   

My Goodreads 2019 Reading Challenge YTD total now stands at 28 books -- four more than my goal of 24 (117%).  :)

I missed the July meeting of my library book club;  there is no meeting in August.... not sure what September's selection will be.  

Current reads:  

(Some) recent purchases/additions to the TBR pile: 
Watching:  No movies in July (of course, we were away for three of the four weekends in the month).  Looking forward to seeing "Blinded by the Light" later this month!  Hoping to catch up on the three episodes I missed from season 3 of "The Handmaid's Tale" before episode 11 airs on Sunday night here.  Otherwise, not a lot of "must see TV" at the moment...  

Listening: To Stingray's Classic Rock channel (currently playing Pink Floyd as I type ;)  ). I have a backlog of podcasts to catch up on. 

Drinking/Eating:  My dad's garden got planted late because of the cold, wet spring, & thus wasn't quite ready for eating while we were there. :(  Fortunately, new potatos, carrots & yellow wax beans were available from the local farmers' market. We all hoovered them up!  Yum!!

Buying (besides books, lol):  Not much lately (not much shopping in smalltown Manitoba, lol). My sister & I bought our parents gift cards to the local grocery store for dad's birthday/their wedding anniversary, and to help defray the cost of feeding us while we're there.  

Wearing:  Lots of shorts & tank tops to help stay cool in the summer heat & humidity. Thinking about what to wear for Older Nephew's Wife's baby shower in September. 

Trying:  Not to think about Katie's day/Older Nephew's Wife's obstetrician appointment (both happening next Wednesday). 

Planning:  What I want to do that day. 

Fuming:  SIL (who was let go from her executive assistant job of 28 years last year, after her boss died at a far-too-young age) has been working in a warehouse doing manual labour for minimum wage for the past nine months. She happily quit that job a few weeks ago when she was offered an administrative job in a small office.  After a little more than a week... she was let go!!  The boss/owner told her it "wasn't a good fit."  So now she's unemployed again. Grrrrr.....

Wanting:  A decent night's sleep (hmmm, I think I've used this one before, lol...!).  

Feeling: Sad to leave my parents again, but happy to be back home & back to our regular routines. 

Loving:  Summer, when the sun is shining but it's not too terribly hot or humid outside, and I don't have to bother with coats, hats, gloves, boots, etc., before venturing outside. 


  1. I just checked my library book club website to see if the book for September has been announced yet. Guess what? It's "Everything I Never Told You," lol. So on the one hand, that's one less book for the Goodreads Challenge total, but on the other hand, one less book club selection I have to worry about reading (one more book of my own choice I'll have time to read). The October selection is Never Let Me Go, which I read years ago for the Stirrup Queen's Barren Bitches Book Club... not sure I will do a complete re-read, but I'll need to refresh my memory on that one...

  2. "Everything I Never Told You" is on my to-read list. I think I'll move it up. And "Never Let Me Go" was an amazing book - quite haunting, with so many questions. Kazuo Ishiguro is one of my favourite authors - every book is different.

    And thanks for reminding me there might be another Handmaid's Tale (I can stream them after Thursday night, so that might be a good way to finish my Friday afternoon.)

    Glad you're enjoying summer. We've had a few cooler days (as winter has been ridiculously, disappointingly,mild) recently and I loved it.