Monday, August 26, 2019

#MicroblogMondays: Annoying things

  • The friend of my mother's who asks, every single time I post a photo on Facebook of Older Nephew's dog, when we're getting one of our own. Honestly, I find it almost as annoying as when we were constantly asked when we were going to have a baby. :p  (I wrote about this subject previously, here.)  I managed to bite my cybertongue & responded that we're happy just spoiling this little guy -- and that besides, he's going to need some extra TLC once his new human brother arrives in November. ;) 
  • The back I moaned about throwing out two weeks ago is somewhat better, but still not 100%. :p  My left knee is (still) giving me grief (it's become chronic), and my left big toe is sore after an enthusiastic pedicurist attempted to remedy the slightly ingrown nail. :p  I have been slathering it with polysporin to try to ward off infection. :p  Aren't I waaaayyyyy too young to be feeling so decrepit?? 
  • We are soooooo tired of the roadwork in front of our condo (which has been going on pretty much since we moved here 3.5 years ago, & will continue until at least the end of this year).  It's a busy major thoroughfare, and traffic is down to one lane in either direction. (Not to mention all the dust, noise, pylons...) 
  • The parking lot/traffic loop behind the building is also a mess. The interlock brick was never properly set, and it's now being replaced with asphalt. Everything's been dug up but no asphalt yet... 
  • Freezing up at a family party this weekend when several of the women started talking about their fertility treatments. Although dh & I long suspected/understood through family gossip that several of his cousins/cousins' wives had also been infertility patients, this was the first time I'd heard any of them openly talking about it. But by the time I screwed up my courage to say something about my own experiences, the conversation had moved on. 
    • Most annoying of all: At least two of them said their children were conceived AFTER they stopped treatments (including one woman whose two children were conceived naturally when she was 43 & 45!!).  I am happy for them that they got their families in the end -- but of course, wondering how *I*  got to be the only one in the family who missed out??
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  1. Here's hoping your back gets fully healed up soon and that the big toe goes back to normal without infection. Roadwork/parking lot work is really irritating - especially a project that's been going on as long as the front one! The fertility treatment conversation sounds tough and painful as well.

  2. I share your feelings of imminent decrepitude! But I think we are way too young to worry that it's settling in for good. (I'm saying this with my fingers crossed.) I had a sore back for months - but since I got home, it seems to have improved. I have no clue how or why, but I'm happy.

    I hope next time you might be able to join the infertility conversation. But only if you feel comfortable. And argh to the fact that your family members have perpetuated the "stop trying and it will happen" stereotype - and natural conceptions at 43 and 45! Argh. My sister conceived her daughter when she was 41, the age I had had to face it was all over. Yes, it's tough. And I'm sending hugs.

  3. That last bit sounds SO annoying! Ugh.

    I hope your back continues to get better and that the polysporin does the trick on your toe. And good luck with the knee, too!