Monday, December 2, 2019

#MicroblogMondays: Annoying things & small pleasures

Annoying things: 

  • The big dump of snow we got yesterday & this morning, and the resulting slushy mess. :p  
  • People who insist on driving like maniacs on snowy, slippery roads. 
  • Having to pull our winter boots out of the closet to wear outside. 
  • Lineups in all the stores (already). 
  • Getting an email from the airline last night, advising us they've cancelled our return flight home (after spending Christmas with my family) & rebooked us on an earlier flight the same day -- but  3.5 hours earlier. Which will mean getting up & leaving my parents' house early in the morning, instead of mid-late morning, as originally planned. Did I mention that my parents live more than an hour's drive away from the airport?  And did I mention my sister & her boyfriend -- neither of them especially great at getting up early -- will be driving us??  Ugh. (We could try to rebook ourselves on a different flight, but there's not a lot available that day -- the timing is even worse for the other flights that day -- and I am sure they are already pretty full.  So we're sticking with the flights the airline assigned us, but ugh...) 

Small pleasures:

  • From dh:  Not having to shovel said big dump of snow/slushy mess (see above).  ;) 
  • Not having to leave the house during bad weather to get to work, etc. 
  • Underground parking in cold, snowy weather. 
  • Snow sticking to the tree branches -- so pretty & Christmas-y (even though I know I'll be sick of it by February...!).  
  • Trying (& liking) a new crockpot recipe last night that I found on Pinterest for easy chicken & dumplings. Perfect on a cold, snowy night! 
  • The lights on our Christmas tree. 
  • A bunch of new books delivered to my e-reader at steeply discounted prices via Cyber Monday sales. 
  • Crossing items off my gargantuan pre-Christmas to-do list. 
  • Nephew's dog curled up in my lap underneath a cozy blanket when we visited there this weekend. 
  • Holding our new little great-nephew, and seeing him wearing one of the cute little outfits we bought for him. :) 

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  1. Small pleasures are what get us through the day. And help us cope with the annoying things. So I love this!

    Still - ugh to the airline changes.

  2. Oh I like this! Annoying things & small pleasures is a great topic. I enjoyed reading it. I like a lot of your small pleasures: snow in the trees, new crockpot recipe, new books, the dog curled up on your lap... It's a good life. <3

  3. Oh no, that's so annoying about the flight change! Holiday travel is the worst. I love all your small pleasures! We got snow too, and it is GORGEOUS, especially in the pine trees. Definitely gets me in the spirit and I was singing "Let It Snow" all morning to my poor students (who were secretly hoping for a snow day that was NEVER going to happen today, so they were a bit cranky about it, ha). I agree with underground parking -- having a garage to park in has made snow beautiful and fancy free again (minus those maniacs, we have them here, too). Your little great-nephew is adorable!

  4. Slushy conditions are no fun! The other day I underestimated the amount of slush and wore the wrong footwear when walking the dog. Soggy! But how wonderful not to have to worry about shoveling it :-).

    I saw your chicken/dumplings recipe and have decided to try it. Sounds yummy.