Sunday, September 12, 2021

World Childless Week starts tomorrow!

The FIFTH annual World Childless Week starts tomorrow!  -- an entire week filled with inspiring and comforting things to read, watch, listen to and participate in, focused on a different topic/theme each day (and new material posted daily too). If you miss some of the live webinars, don't worry;  they are posted on the WCW website later in the day/week to be enjoyed and consulted indefinitely. (The past four years of amazing WCW content is also available onsite.) 

As usual, I didn't manage to get my act together to write something new -- but it occurred to me, as I scanned this year's topic list, that I've covered many of these things in my blog over the almost (gulp) 14 years I've been writing here. So each day, I'll post about the day's topic here, with some links to some of my own writing on the subject (if I have written about it... and in many/most cases, I have...!). 

In a case of great minds thinking alike ;)  Mali did something similar on her No Kidding in NZ blog recently. You can read her post here, which contains links to relevant past posts she's written.   



  1. Yay, World Childless Week! Oh good gracious I don't think I realized the live webinars would be available online indefinitely. *hyperventilates madly* I can't wait to read your posts! I really loved the themes this year. And I'm glad to participate this year -- such a hard time of year at the start of school, but so important!

    1. Thank you for the vote of confidence! ;) I can't wait to see your webinar! (Although we will be at dh's cousin's cottage, so I guess I will have to wait until at least Sunday night or Monday...! sigh...) Thank you for taking part!