Saturday, October 2, 2021

The old "self-absorbed" stereotype again...

I've mentioned the comic strip "Between Friends" here a few times over the years. I've followed it for years -- I don't get a physical newspaper anymore, but it's in my Facebook feed. The cartoonist, Sandra Bell-Lundy, is Canadian. :)  The strip follows a group of women/friends, who are now middle-aged/50-something: Susan & her husband Harv went through infertility and eventually adopted a daughter, who is now in college (!)... Kim is a freelance writer married to a widower with a grown son... Maeve is divorced & childless... and her assistant, Helen, has two grown children.

Here's Friday's strip


However, my enjoyment was marred by a comment beneath the post which said "Maude [she didn't even get Maeve's name right...!], you are self absorbed. You will never know."  



  1. Hi Loribeth, that's exactly why I never ever read the comments anywhere but on the blogs from our kind community.
    kind regards from Europe.

  2. Ugh to the comment. Especially as it completely negates the kindness and gentle humour of the post. Says so more about the selfishness and lack of compassion/empathy of the commenter, don't you think?

  3. Blergh. That's an angry person who missed the point. Comments sections on the internet are a cesspool.