Friday, June 10, 2022

Odds & ends for the weekend

  • In the continuing saga of Bloglovin:  It was down on Tuesday morning and "out" all day Tuesday. On Wednesday and Thursday mornings, there were some new posts coming through on my phone app (although there were far fewer than usual -- clearly not all were getting through...), but nothing on the laptop. This morning, it was back up again. (eyeroll)   
  • Housekeeping:  I started tagging posts "mommy mania" years ago, before I really knew what I was doing or had the language to accurately describe what I was experiencing. I was never really quite happy with it, but couldn't think of another, more appropriate term -- until I learned about pronatalism! And so recently, I began changing most of the "mommy mania" tags to "pronatalism." (Changeover still in progress...!) 
  • (And speaking of pronatalism...)  Another must-listen podcast with Jody Day of Gateway Women, this time back on New Legacy Radio with Christine Erickson, discussing "Why Does Dismantling Pronatalism Even Matter?" Lots of "ah-ha!" moments here!  
    • From the show notes: "Excluded from policy measures and absent in DEI frameworks, even where laws and policies are designed to prevent discrimination based on family status, pronatalism is so deeply ingrained in our social, professional and systemic psyches, that its impact remains unacknowledged. As a result, non-parents remain invisible, while navigating daily and life-long experiences of exclusion and inequity. From our own internalized patriarchal, pronatalist influences, to the ways we continue to cope and mitigate social and professional spaces that do not account for us, it can be challenging for people without children to express why the urgency to dismantle pronatalism matters. How do we begin to unravel the embedded layers of cultural, structural and systemic norms that continue to re-enforce the social devaluation of approximately one-quarter of the global population? What is needed to acknowledge the population that is, rather than the one that is theorized, based on marriage and children, to create measurable predictability, as economic units? Join us for a revealing, in-depth conversation with Jody Day. We will explore new perspectives around the question of why the deeply adverse impact of pronatalism matters and why the inclusion of non-parents remains a silent issue within the workplace & beyond."
  • If you've been a reader here for a while, you'll remember my excitement back in fall 2019, when I scored tickets for a touring production of "Hamilton" for May 2020 (the run began in February that year) -- and my disappointment in April 2020 when remaining performances were cancelled because of covid.  I chose to let the theatre company (Mirvish) hang onto my money ($500!), as they promised we would get first dibs on tickets when "Hamilton" returned in 2023 (which seemed like a LONG time down the road...!).  
    • Well, I got an email this morning about subscriptions to Mirvish's upcoming 2022-23  season. "Hamilton" IS returning, in February. No word on when tickets will open up for non-subscribers (and those, like me, who bought tickets for the original run and have been patiently waiting since then). 
    • I wish I was as excited by this news as I was three years ago.  I'm not. :(  I love theatre and I would love to see "Hamilton" -- someday....  But it's sure a different world than when I first got the tickets.  Dh was never as enthusiastic as I was to begin with, and I can't imagine he'll feel any differently now...!  I have to admit, I'm considering whether I should just ask for a refund (like I did for Elton John). Who knows what the covid situation will be like by February? (could be better, could be worse...) -- and covid or not, it's a long subway ride downtown. Sigh.  :(  


  1. Annnnnd it's down again! (Bloglovin', naturally -- Saturday night.) Sigh.

  2. Bloglovin' has got to go! lol
    I have so many tags on my blog I need to change or consolidate. You sound a bit more organised though. I applaud you.
    Good luck with the Hamilton decision.

  3. Thank you so much for these links and thoughts on mommy mania, a/k/a pronatalism. Heading over to learn more for a project I'm working on.