Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Just call me Boomer ;)

(Alternate title: "Senior adventures with technology,"  lol) 

So here's the "microblog" post I should have written for Monday, except it actually happened Monday afternoon, after I already posted.  ;)  

Dh & I went out to a few stores on Monday afternoon, including Best Buy. When I got my new cellphone last year, I didn't realize it didn't have an earphone jack! -- apparently none of them do anymore (!)  and they didn't point that out to me at the cellphone store. (eyeroll)  I took a look online at the wireless earbuds and holy cow, talk about expensive...!  (particularly the branded ones that match my phone)(on top of the already expensive phone itself -- our first several phones were freebies if you signed up for a two-year plan -- but apparently they're not doing those anymore either...!).  

My sister's techie boyfriend told me I could just get an adapter & keep using my old earphones (which still work fine with my laptop) -- I have several pairs, each of which cost me less than $15 when I bought them years ago, and they are perfectly fine for my purposes. I wanted to be able to use them before my eye surgery in a few weeks, because my sister (who had a similar procedure done last year) warned me I won't be able to spend a lot of time reading or on my phone for the first few days -- I figure I can listen to some podcasts -- and I wanted to be able to use my phone to do it, instead of dragging out my laptop. 

So I marched into the store, nabbed a young guy who worked there, showed him my phone and my earphones and how they did NOT fit together! and asked about the adapter -- he listened with a bemused expression (I could practically hear him thinking "Okay, Boomer...!"),  and went straight to the rack & pulled a little box off -- $15. It plugs in where the phone charger does -- so I can't charge my phone and listen at the same time -- but that's okay. 

Dh couldn't stop laughing as we walked away.  "He's probably thinking, 'Argh, old ladies...!'"  dh teased. "I AM an old lady!" I retorted.  (Certainly to that kid, anyway, I'm sure...!) 

Whatever. I got what I wanted.  :)  I suppose I'll have to get the wireless ones eventually, but I'm perfectly happy with the old ones for now. 

It occurred to me that if Katie (who would be turning 24) had been here, she could have come with me and picked the right thing off the rack without having to ask for help. Or maybe if she'd been around, I'd have already been using wireless earbuds years ago?  Who knows??

Oh well.  


  1. I'm sure she would have helped you, though maybe with a rueful laugh 🥰

  2. That made me laugh! I can relate - I hate the idea of earphones I can't plug in. Don't those ear buds fall out? lol (Especially as I listen to audiobooks/music/podcasts when I'm walking outside.) But at least you knew there was an adapter, so you sounded far more knowledgeable than I would have been!

  3. Ha! I hate those wireless ear buds or air buds or air pods or whatever... The kids always have one in under their shaggy hair like we can't tell they have them in! (Cut your hair, hippies!!!) I usually just my speaker because I'm not around people, or Bryce has these Bose headphones that are wireless and noise cancelling so those are nice (and don't go IN your ear, which I find icky).

    Glad you got an adapter! Phones are such a racket.