Wednesday, November 9, 2022

She IS "one of us"!!

Well, what do you know??  

Jennifer Aniston IS "one of us"!  

In an interview/cover story with Allure magazine released today, Aniston spoke honestly about how she tried -- and failed -- to have a baby (via IVF), even as speculation swirled about her lack of children ("when? with who?? why not???").  As is the case for so, so many other women and couples (albeit you never hear about it), it didn't work for her. 

She says she might write a book. I'd buy it!  :)  

I've always admired her, but this just takes it to a whole new level. To have someone of her public stature speaking our truth is like gold. 

I don't often refer to my childlessness or infertility journey "in real life," but I was so excited, I posted the article on Facebook, with this note: 

Jennifer Aniston, much love, thanks and respect to you for speaking up so honestly on such a hugely personal subject. To have someone like you going public with a story that is so familiar to so many of us (and yet so misunderstood by so many others) means so much!

On Instagram, Tanya Hubbard (@rest.your.heart.herewrote what many of us are feeling right now: 


Jennifer Aniston bares it all (well, most of it, lol), 
including her personal story of infertility and childlessness. 
(On a different note, this is (sadly) the cover of the final print edition of Allure, 
which was always among my favourite magazines.) 


  1. A couple of people have pointed out her comments about freezing her eggs... I don't think it was even a "thing" when her eggs would have still been in any shape to freeze, to be honest -- she's 53, and it's really only taken off in the last 10 years or so, right? And of course, the success rates (as with plain old IVF) are just not that great.

    But still -- overall, I really appreciated what she had to say, and the fact that she spoke out. :)

  2. It's a great article. Thanks for sharing it. I particularly loved the reference she made to us all becoming "beautiful mosaics." Tanya Hubbard's response is perfect too. The fact that Jen, with all her money and privilege, couldn't get IVF to work for her should be a lesson to those who think it's a magic bullet, that it will always work, and that you just have to never give up. I love that she has spoken up. How horrible all that abuse must have been for her when she was trying to conceive.

  3. About half a dozen people pinged me with this story. Coincidentally we came to the exact same conclusion and wrote nearly the same blog title at the same time!

  4. I have always loved Jennifer Aniston. I love her now even more.
    I admire her courage.
    Thank you, Jenn.
    You are one of us <3

  5. Yes! Love her, and appreciate her sharing what was not our business. But to put it out there publicly, that she's did IVF and it DID NOT WORK, OMG so grateful. And yay you for sharing on FB!