Monday, March 20, 2023

#MicroblogMondays: Spring forward?

It's the first day of spring!  :)  

And last week's time change ( = "spring forward" an hour) has been kicking my butt. :p  I've been sleeping in late(r) almost every morning -- and still feeling groggy when I do get up. (Thankfully, I can sleep in late, because, retirement!  ;)  ) 

I know there are arguments about which time system is better -- standard or daylight savings time? I lean slightly towards preferring standard time -- but I wholeheartedly support making one or the other permanent.  Just pick one and stick with it, year round -- no more back & forthing! 

What do you think? Does the time change bother you?  Would you like to see permanent daylight savings time? Permanent standard time? 

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  1. I like the long evenings, and the later light in the mornings, delivered by daylight savings time. We would always get the spring forward loss of an hour sleep in the middle of university exams, which seemed unfair when every hour counted! In a few weeks, we get our "fall back" extra hour, so that's a positive! I'm just so used to it now. And a survey here some years ago showed that dairy farmers (who are often most affected) are evenly split by it. I think it saves on power usage in the summer, and it would be light far too late in the mornings to make permanent in the winter!

  2. I'm for daylight savings. I'd don't do any driving that early in the morning. It's getting light by 7am now. I'm getting back to my usual 715am get up time. I was sleeping in till 745am.

  3. Well I don't like that we are losing an hour this weekend !

  4. I hate the time change. Hate it. It messes with me, leaves me tired and cranky, and is an artificial messing with the idea of time and daylight. There, rant over! :)