Monday, June 5, 2023

#MicroblogMondays: Grey skies

It was supposed to be a sunny day -- but when I look outside, all I see is a hazy grey sky. 

That's because Environment Canada has issued an "air quality advisory" for my region (including the city of Toronto) -- the result of forest fires in northern Ontario and (to the east/northeast) Quebec.  

Not long ago, our skies were grey because of the fires in northern Alberta -- some 3000 km away.  (It was worse where my parents live -- still 1000+ km away.)  And in Nova Scotia, the worst wildfires in the province's history continue to rage. They've already destroyed homes in several communities uncomfortably close to the city of Halifax. 

There is no doubt in most people's minds (and certainly in the minds of the experts who have studied these things) that climate change is a major factor in the increasing numbers, frequency and size of these fires. 

Sometimes I'm glad I didn't have kids. I worry about the world that Little Great-Nephew and Little Great-Niece will be growing up in. :(   I know that changing our ways is tough, and it's not going to happen overnight -- and that some changes are already afoot -- but we need to pick up the pace. Because the direction we're heading is becoming increasingly clear, and it's not looking good.  :(  

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  1. I didn't know about the wildfires in Nova Scotia. That beautiful wilderness of an island. I can just picture all the forests, and it is so sad to think of them going up in flames.
    I know what you mean - sometimes I despair.

    1. People tend to think NS = ocean (true), but there's a ton of forest in the interior too.

    2. Yes, my memory of driving out of NS is the constant forested landscape. (When I wasn't freaking out about driving on the wrong side of the road! lol)

  2. The smoke from the fires is reaching down to where I live in Tennessee.

  3. Across the lake in Rochester we have darkened, peachy skies, red sun, pink moon. It smells like we live inside a wood stove. I went outside briefly but wore a mask, Bryce went to take stuff out to the garage without one and he had been wheezing ever since

    I hear you. It feels like end times. I hope we can still turn things around but it feels a bit like we are in new territory and it's scary.

    I want to see Nova Scotia. I hope I'm not too late.