Monday, February 26, 2024

#MicroblogMondays: You never know who's reading your blog...!

Check out the comments on my last post, a review of the latest "Her Majesty the Queen Investigates" novel, "A Death in Diamonds."  ;)  

It's not the first time I've had an author drop into my comments (at least, the author of a book not related to childlessness, loss or infertility! lol) -- check out my reviews of "Columbine" (also here),  "Parkland," and "Mastering the Art of Quitting."  

But this is one of my favourite series at the moment, and hearing from the author was an unexpected delight -- particularly when she was so nice in responding to my criticism! (Thanks again, Sophia!)    

On a somewhat related note:  Does anyone remember, years ago, how Elizabeth Edwards, the (late) wife of the Senator and 2008 presidential candidate John Edwards, left a comment on someone's blog? (I can't remember whose, offhand.)  The Edwards lost their teenaged son Wade in a car accident, and apparently she was quite active in some online bereaved parents/grief forums (she also wrote a book about grief). I was reminded of that last night while watching a CNN program on modern political scandals in (pre-Trump era) Washington (!), focused on John Edwards. (Elizabeth died from breast cancer in 2010 at age 61.)        

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  1. That was Tash at Awful But Functioning ( who had Elizabeth Edwards comment on their blog. I remember that Tash's post was moving and Ms. Edwards' response was insightful.

  2. Seems like the authors all look out for your reviews! Just like us. lol

  3. Well done, Lori! With each person we make aware, we are able to help shift the narrative away from tired one-dimensional tropes to the reality of who those who don't have children truly area and what we contribute to society. p.s. Will send you a longer email about what is going on with my blog.