Sunday, October 3, 2010

Aaackk!! (part 2)

Further to this previous post -- the final "Cathy" cartoon strip was published today.

Just GUESS how it ended.

Here's a link to the final strip. (Should be good for about a month.)

30+ years of loyal readership, and THIS is how it ends???

Even worse -- all the comments saying, "Perfect!" "What a great ending!" "I was hoping it would end this way!" etc. etc. etc.

(Dh just said, "I can tell you're pissed -- you're hitting the keys harder." lol)

Why must everyone always opt for the Hollywood ending?


  1. Oh typical! And so disappointing :-(

  2. What can one say.....sigh.

  3. Thank you, Loribeth, for being as irritated and angry as I am. So annoying....

  4. It makes me want to vomit. I'm very very annoyed :(

  5. I could see it coming, but was hoping it wouldn't be...this.

  6. You were SO on my mind Sunday afternoon when I finally got around to the papers. Disappointing yes. Predictable yes. You kind of called it.

    Now I confess, I do not share your affection towards the aaack-y one. In fact, she's probably one of my least favorite funnies, but this...groan.

  7. THAT'S how it ended?

    Just like Sex and the City. I'm just WAITING for the movie series conclusion: for Carrie to give birth to quintuplet girls. Ack.

  8. Oy of course it ended like that...

    (Funny about you typing harder when angry - whenever I hear my husband typing harder I ask him "what's wrong?" and he is surprised I know something is going on without any words. haha)