Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Treatment Diaries: Addendum to the last post...!

I didn't mean to hit "publish" on the last post... I did it accidentally.. and the problems I've been having with Blogger lately (grrr...!!) meant it wouldn't let me open & resave as a draft. I had to copy & paste in a Word doc, delete my post, then copy & paste back into Blogger -- then go through & clear all the weird formatting.

When I did it a SECOND time, I thought, "I give up!" :p I decided to let the post stand & finish it in a "part 2" if you will (even though I WAS almost finished, damnit...!)

Anyway -- AF FINALLY arrived on Dec. 8th -- day 57!! which still remains a personal record for me. (Woohoo.) :p

However, because it was almost Christmas vacation and the office would be closed anyway, I opted to wait until my NEXT cycle. I called the office and said I would see them in the new year.

Here endeth the longwinded saga of my first IUI cycle...!

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  1. I hope you managed to relax that Christmas after all that!