Thursday, January 5, 2012

Housekeeping: Looking for other childless/free bloggers?

Mrs. Spit was commenting today on the dearth of blogs for women in her (& my) specific situation -- living childless/free after loss (&/or infertility). I already had a general ALI community blogroll here, based on my Google reader, a blogroll of a few childfree by choice blogs, and a list of relevant websites & other resources, and I had updated some of these features when I revamped my blog design a few weeks ago.

But I hadn't taken the time to carve out a special space for my childless/free not-by-first-choice peeps (although they're there, lurking within the general ALI blogroll). And so, taking the hint (thank you, Mrs. Spit, for lighting a fire under me), I’ve added a new blogroll specifically for childless/free not by choice bloggers -- scroll down & check it out.

Sadly, well over half the list is currently not active -- some of these blogs have been dormant for years -- but I’ve included them anyway since there’s still some good reading in there (and, once in a great while, a new post pops up from one of these women).

If you are on the list -- but don't consider yourself as living childless/free or done with infertility treatments, my apologies. Please let me know and I'll remove your name (although I would love to keep it on my general ALI blogroll). If you're not on the list, but think you should be, let me know that too. (And consider popping over to Stirrup and asking Melissa to add you to her fabulous, humungous, categorized blogroll as well -- it really is the go-to resource for the ALI community.)

Happy reading! : )


  1. Please include blog is

  2. Thanks, Jen & welcome -- I've added you to my Google Reader as well. : ) Are you on the Stirrup Queen's blogroll as well (also listed in my sidebar)? I must admit, I haven't visited there in awhile -- she has a section for childless bloggers. (That goes for anyone else as well!)

  3. Wow. Thanks for doing this Loribeth.

    Clearly though, you don't want me doing any work ever, if I'm to read all thee blogs!!

  4. Thanks for this, thanks so very much. .

  5. Thank you so much for listing those blogs. It is so hard when everyone seems to go on to conceive and I don't. Been trying for nearly 7 years and with 2 miscarriages which occurred in the first 2 and a half years - well I am adjusting to being childless. But I so need to hear about other women on this journey to remember I am not the only one.

  6. hi Loribeth,
    I just started to write my first blog, after 10 unsuccessful IVF treatments:

    kind regards from Europe,

  7. Thank you for doing this. Please will you include me, too?

  8. You're already on there, Illanare. By the way, everyone, the blogroll only shows the five most recently updated blogs, but if you click on the icon in the lower righthand corner, it expands to show them all.


    I am a childless via circumstance blog. Failed naturally - failed international adoption - failed domestic adoption - and here we are today - succeeding at life.

    I started out following adoption blogs - one by one they got their kids and dropped away. So now, I am starting on a new quest to find more living without children blogs.

  10. Loribeth,

    Yes, I am on Stirrup Queen's blogroll as well, thanks for asking. I too appreciate you doing this as it is hard to find other women who are childless not by choice.

  11. Loribeth,

    Yes I am on Stirrup Queen's blogroll as well, thanks for asking. I so appreciate you doing this as it is hard to find other women who are childless not by choice.

  12. Well done, Lori!
    Thanks for including

    It's not solely my own voice. Like you, I think it's important to keep the dialogue open and tell "the rest of the story."

  13. Thanks for doing this! So hard to find others in similar situations.
    I don't always post about living childfree after infertility, but that was the initial reason for starting my blog:
    I'll have to take some time to wander through your list - thanks!


    Its nice to have blogs on your blog roll with similiar situations. Thanks for doing this!!

  15. (covers everything in my life right now including my recently diagnosed dieasease but my journey into accepting life as it is now is also a big part of life that is certainly different than what i had planned