Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Grade 10

Today was the first day of class for most schools across the province. (Not So) LGND was starting Grade 9 today -- high school, hereabouts -- and apparently was not looking forward to the transition. I kept thinking how nice it would have been for her to have a neighbourhood friend -- i.e., Katie, who would have been starting Grade 10 -- to show her the ropes. ; )

Today was not as hard as the same day last year was for me -- the day Katie would have headed off to (gulp!) high school for the first time. Most of my immediate coworkers either don't have kids, or their kids are older & attending university (another story altogether...!).  Several are also on vacation at the moment. So I didn't have to listen to too many stories at the office.

Nevertheless, the annual flood of first day of school photos on Facebook started to wear a bit as the day went on -- I counted just under two dozen photos or school-related posts from my friends & relatives today, not to mention others posted over the past few weeks by those in the States, where school seems to start earlier -- and the promise of more to come tomorrow (seems some schools don't start until then).  Drip, drip, drip, like water wearing away at a stone. :p

Was today difficult for you?

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  1. Sending hugs. It can never be easy. And it seems that the "Back to School" deal is a really big one in north America, making it so much harder. Whereas in NZ, you rarely see photos or updates on FB, or stories at work, other than perhaps a sigh of relief from parents, and a grumble from the drivers (like myself).