Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Liebster Award from Melissa

Melissa at Stirrup Queens recently nominated me for a Liebster Award (thanks, Mel!). Here are the questions she asked me to answer.  Feel free to answer them yourself! (and let me know if you do!):

Longest you’ve ever gone without a shower.

I am a pretty consistent daily shower taker. The first thing that popped into my mind was when I had my wisdom teeth out about 20 years ago -- all four at once. My tummy did not take kindly to the Tylenol 3s with codeine that I was given as a pain killer. After throwing up every hour for almost a full day -- unable to keep anything down -- and calling the dental surgeon, I stopped taking the meds on his advice. My tummy finally settled down, but I was weak as a kitten for a few days, could barely get out of bed for a day or two, never mind shower. I had expected to be off work for two or three days & wound up missing an entire week.

Tell us about a recent disappointment.

Our favourite go-to restaurant of many years (a chain outlet, but even so...) has been going downhill lately. Our last several visits there have been less than satisfying -- lukewarm food, rock-hard baked potatos, slow service, etc. We are on the verge of abandoning the place completely. Sad. :(  And, yes, disappointing.

Tell us the person you’d most like in the car with you for a road trip.

Dh. :)  Lots of places we haven't yet explored.

Which do you like better: goats or sheep?

I have very little real-life experience with either. But I would probably have to go with sheep. I have several PJs with sleepy sheep motifs. Also, I had a sweater back in the '80s with a bunch of white sheep on it, and one black sheep facing the other way. Princess Diana had a similar sweater too. : )

Do you like to watch scary movies?


What do you call yourself when you’re talking to yourself inside your head?

I don't think I call myself anything? Maybe "idiot" when I'm mad at myself?

Name someone from your kindergarten class that you wonder about to this day.

I don't remember his name (Kenneth?)... but there was a little boy on the first day of kindergarten who wouldn't stop crying. His father came & took him away & we never saw him again (!).  Kindergarten was optional back then -- my mother paid for me to go, and it was in the basement of the Catholic church.  There were two schools in town that had Grade 1 classes;  presumably he went to the other school.

I do sometimes wonder about some of the kids I went to kindergarten with... I was in grades 1 & 2 with many of the same kids too. We moved away after that and I haven't managed to stay in touch with any of them. I have tried Googling a few of them, but no luck -- common names, probably married & changed their names, etc.  Also, I'm of an age where it's not uncommon to know people who just don't use the Internet much, or at least as much as I do. ; )

The last time we went back to that town, I was 14, starting Grade 9. My mom went for coffee with my one friend's mom, and my friend & I went downtown together looking for another friend, who was working at her aunt's shop. The first friend said, "Do you remember her?" I said, "It's been awhile!" and giggled, and she said, "That laugh! I'd know it anywhere! It's Lori!"  lol 

I also wonder about my "boyfriend" from those days, David. He was Ukrainian and had that kind of Nordic hair that was so blond it was almost white. I did Google him & picked up a business address but nothing much else.

What is the best song for picking up your mood?

Anything by the Beatles usually puts a smile on my face. : ) 

Two non-Beatles songs:  My Best Friend's Girl by The Cars and More Than A Feeling by Boston. (I had both albums when I was in high school & nearly wore the grooves out.)  Anytime those songs come on the radio, I have to crank up the volume & sing along. Instant mood brightener.

How do you organize your socks?

In a drawer, grouped together by colour. (Although they are mostly black & navy, with some grey, brown & white for good measure.)

When no one is home, do you close the bathroom door?



  1. Yes, I did answer them over on my blog. Great questions!

  2. Which restaurant chain? You should name and shame, I say! Maybe they will get the hint! I can't believe you remember people from kindergarten, I would have no idea. I remember the good teachers though.

  3. @Deathstar: It's Montana's Cookhouse. Not sure if they have them in B.C., I think they are in Alberta? Not sure if the management has changed or it's a different cook or what (most of the longtime waiters who knew us are gone) -- but the last few times we've been there have been hugely disappointing. And at $50 a visit (we rarely have more than entrees & Cokes) we can't afford to be disappointed too often.

  4. It's eery how many common experiences we have had. I had the same thing with wisdom teeth, though I had only 2 pulled. I haven't had codeine since -- it was so disagreeable to me.