Sunday, October 6, 2013

Recent movies, books & upcoming holidays

  • Dh & I went to see "Gravity" this afternoon, in 3D. It was a better 3D experience than my first one earlier this year, "The Great Gatsby," which left me with a headache. (Although it WAS Voldemort Day.) This is the kind of movie where 3D really adds something to the experience. (Besides, who can argue with George Clooney in 3D??)  
  • SPOILER ALERT:  I already knew, from reading reviews, that Sandra Bullock's astronaut character was the mother of a little girl who had died. That didn't make it any easier when she started talking about her and what happened. Bring Kleenex!
  • I recently finished reading books #2 & #3 in the Hunger Games trilogy, "Catching Fire" and "Mockingjay" (which were books #21 & #22 of the 23 books I've read so far this year). I've been trying to start a full review, but I'm finding it hard to say anything about the books that I didn't already say about "The Hunger Games."  (More spoiler alerts!)  Overall, I enjoyed all three books, although they didn't quite grab me the way the original did. I didn't like the idea of an "all-star" Hunger Games at first -- and then I realized, hey, Survivor does it, so why not? ; )  The whole idea of having a camera crew following Katniss around in her "Mockingjay" role was brilliant -- I have read that Collins worked in television, and it shows. The books do have a sort of cinematic, media-savvy quality.  And there's a great deal of cynicism about governments & leaders that seems tailor made for our own cynical age.  
  • One more week of work, and then I'm off for a week. : ) I'm not sure my superiors are very happy about me taking time off right now... aside from the fact that it's year end & always a busy time, there are a few other issues in the mix this year that are making it a particularly challenging time right now.  I don't think my new boss realized just how busy things could get when she approved these dates, in the early days after she took on this role. But I asked for the time off a long time ago, even before dh lost his job, I think, and certainly long before these other issues came up. And I have taken time off at this time of year before, and the roof didn't cave in. If I've learned anything over the past (gulp) 27 years working in this department, it's that there is never a "good time" to take a vacation, so you might as well take the time that's owed to you and enjoy it. And I still plan to do just that. ; )
  • For once, we will not be at loose ends for (Canadian) Thanksgiving this year. We've already been invited to BIL's. : )  It's not often these days that we get to spend time with our nephews (who are now -- eeekk -- 21 & almost 25, both with girlfriends), let alone both together, so we are looking forward to it.
  • I do have at least one (other) very special thing planned for my time off. : ) It involves some travel.  And I will tell you about it -- afterwards. ; )


  1. Enjoy your time off :) You deserve the break. And your time with family coming up too!

    I've only seen one movie in 3D... didn't really care for it, but may try it again someday. It didn't help that I had to fit the glasses over my corrective lenses though ;) Holy awkward batman!

  2. I have Catching Fire next on my to-read list. It's actually on top of my bed right now, just waiting for me to finish my current book.

    I want to see Gravity, but I fear it will be too intense and disturbing. Was it?

  3. @Mel: It WAS intense -- I am surprised Sam has feeling left in his hand; I was gripping it so tightly at a couple of point. Knowing you as I do ; ) you may want to give this one a pass, or at least check it out a bit further before you go.

    I think a big reason why, as one review I read pointed out, is that what happens in the film is not entirely outside the realm of possibility -- i.e., it's something that very well could happen today. (I'm talking about the setup/premise of the movie... not entirely sure that everything that happens to Sandra is entirely realistic...!).

    Visually, it is an absolutely stunning movie. (And I don't just mean George, hahaha...) ;)

  4. Well, howdy. Catching up with some of my favorite blogs after what feels like ages. Loribeth, I hope you know I rely on your updates and review so I don't have to feel so guilty about not finishing any of the books I start or venturing out to the movies. I love how all of your most recent posts have spoiler alerts in them and I blow right past them. I kind of prefer knowing what I'm in for. I'll save all the uncertainty for real life. :-)

    Enjoy your time away!