Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Silly Halloween blog meme

From Melissa at Stirrup Queens. : )

This is how it works.  Take the categories below.  Open your blog.  Look at the first comment on each of your last 10 posts.  Fill in one name per category (keeping the order of most recent post to 10 posts ago) and link their name to their blog.  Then hit publish.  If you have a post without a comment, skip to the next one.  And then chide your readers for screwing up your meme: obviously, they need to step it up and leave more comments.

So, in honour of every horror movie made in the 80s:

1. Decides the creepy house is safe. (Melissa/Lollipop Goldstein -- this does NOT sound like you, lol!)
2. Screams like a Banshee. (Another Dreamer)
3. Scares you as a joke. (Mali)
4. Goes into the woods and gets killed. (Illanare -- sorry!)
5. First to go insane. (Wolfers)
6. Murdered saving someone. (Brooke -- how heroic!)
7. Has your back no matter what jumps out. (Areyoukidding me -- thanks!)
8. Has a solid survivor plan no one listens. (Mali)(strangely enough, the same person in Mel's meme for #8 also had the #3 slot...!)
9. Runs off screaming never to be seen again. (Amel)
10. Is the real killer. ( Mali! -- so you were just joking, huh?? ;)  )


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHH...this made my day! THANK YOU!!! Actually I'm a horror movie fan. Both hubby and I love horror movies in general. :-D

  2. Hahaha I guess I need more followers? Or at least commenters. I fear if I did this exercise, I would only see three people in the list! ;)