Monday, March 9, 2015

#MicroblogMondays: March Monday miscellany

* It's Thomas's 10th birthday (see my recent post), and I am thinking of Msfitzita today.  Early Sunday morning, she & her dh reached their goal of 10,000 RAK pledged for today in Thomas's memory! 
This story appears on the front page of today's Toronto Star.
*  We can never have too much kindness in the world -- so you are still welcome to join in! 
*  Thank you for your sympathy on the loss of my SIL's mother last week. The three grandchildnren -- our nephews and their cousin (their only living cousin) -- spoke briefly at the funeral. I sobbed as those two tall, handsome young men stood in the pulpit (even more handsome in their suits and ties and clean shaves) -- as Older Nephew spoke, and his younger (but taller, lol) brother put his hand on his shoulder in a gesture of solidarity and comfort -- and I thought my heart was going to burst with auntie pride. (And I told them so later, as I hugged them at the cemetery.)
*  The weather was awful on Tuesday, the day of the visitation (of course). It was snowing as we got to FIL's house to pick him & stepMIL up, and still snowing -- wet, slushy snow -- as we left the funeral home for the trip back. Dh decided to take a slower, more roundabout way home vs the main highway, which had already been slippery. It was the afternoon rush hour and the slower route, combined with the weather, turned the usual 40-60 minute trip into a two-hour drive by the time we dropped off FIL & stepMIL and made our way home. By the time we got to their house, the snow had turned to freezing rain. There was ice forming on the windshield wipers, and so the windshield was not being properly cleaned, making it difficult to see. Scary stuff, but we made it home in one piece.
* There was not one day in February where the temperature was above 0C/32F.  And most days, it was in the negative double digits. :p  We finally cracked 0C for the first time in well over a month last week, and the last few days have been sunny and milder. Still hovering around zero, but milder. Progress??

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  1. Yay for warm weather!! That's awesome.

    My RAK was two-fold. First was I gave people quarters so they could lock their belongings at a local pool. She-Beat then wandered over to a crying child and gave them a hug (though I think she was spooked too, so it was more mutual). Can those count?

  2. @Cristy: Absolutely!! Hugs are the best. :)

  3. Today was 50F here ... it finally began to feel like spring.

    RAK: coffee for people behind me in line. I always wish someone would do that for me. :) Tea, though.

    Sending you warmth, in all of the dimensions of that word ...

  4. My RAK was to bake cookies to take a task off a friend's plate. She needed to provide snack for a meeting, so I took care of it in Thomas's name. A bit of sweetness sent into the world?

    I'm glad you made it home safe in that. Freezing rain is scary.

  5. What a beautifully sad (or sadly beautiful?) tribute to a little boy. I love the spirit of his parents. We didn't get above freezing in February, either, but it was 44 today and will be 48 tomorrow (F, no clue how to convert that to Celsius, but it was warm enough to melt some ice off our roof!). Progress for sure. I'm glad you got home from the funeral okay, freezing rain is scary. Let's hope we're done with that for this year, and done with large gobs of sadness, too.

  6. The reminder to share kindness and be gentle with others ... such a simple, but powerful way to influence those around us.

  7. Late here, just starting to catch up. I'm so sorry for the passing of SIL's mother. :-(((

    What a lovely tribute to the little boy. I'm so glad that many people joined in RAK.

    It's been quite a mild winter here. Usually we had more colder weather in February, but this year I haven't seen too many pink skies (I remember that some years I saw them more often). The bad thing about it is that it makes viruses/bugs spread more easily. I'm still recovering from an infection.