Monday, March 16, 2015

Spring break

This week is spring break hereabouts. It actually started last Friday for the schools in our area, because the teachers had a "professional development day."

Not having kids, you would think spring break would be a non-event for me & dh.  Not exactly. When we were both working, spring break was the week when we had to cover for the parents who weren't in the office. There were larger-than-usual crowds in the underground PATH that connects the downtown office towers, blessedly emptier-and-quieter-than-usual commuter trains in the morning, and more crowded and noisy trains going home at night. Our favourite restaurants were more crowded on the weekends, too.

Now that we are both not working -- and desperate to get out of the house at the end of a loooonnnngggg winter, lol -- we're trying to figure out where we can go and what we can do this week without running into hordes of parents & kids. It's not easy.  Monday afternoons at the local mall are normally deader than the proverbial doornail;  this afternoon, the crowds were comparable to a pre-Christmas Saturday.

Any ideas for us??


  1. Come to New Zealand. We don't have spring break! (Autumn school holidays start in a few weeks).

    OK. Seriously, when there is a school break here, I avoid the malls like the plague, and choose movies no self-respecting kid/teenager would want to go to. I know - I'm no help whatsoever. Sorry!

  2. Couples massage! Or go out for breakfast since the trains may be empty in the morning and the kids likely to be sleeping in. Or go on a road trip where you may enjoy a long drive, but time together. Bundle up and go for a hike?

  3. I'm racking my brain and the first thought is doing the polar opposite. They are flocking to mini-vacations while fleeing institutions. So, hit the institutions. Any chance there are lectures or concerts at a local university? Museums may not be a good option, but what about other activities that involve learning? Cooking classes, scrape booking workshops or even book clubs. Because I'm willing to bet that they are fleeing from these institutions at the moment.

  4. Long drives in the country! That's one of our favourite things to do when we want to get away from it all, and we always have our best talks in the car. Just grab your GPS, and go! You never know what you'll discover, or where you'll end up. We have found beautiful small towns, great restaurants, parks that are perfect for a picnic, and so on. And this is the perfect time to do it- the roads are good (finally!), and spring is in the air! Enjoy!

  5. Some of our favorite things to do are just stay home and have movie marathons, like watching the entire Lord of the Ring series. Or we also love to play video games. Once it warms up, we'll be able to go camping.