Monday, May 4, 2015

Great reading

This is a great piece about infertility and pregnancy loss. 

And here is a follow-up story with readers' responses.

Siri Agrell's Twitter feed, mentioned in the story, is here. Scroll down -- most of the relevant tweets were posted on or after April 23rd.

Some very powerful and validating reading.


  1. Oh my goodness, I'm reading Siri Agrell's Twitterfeed, and it is amazing:

    "Some families bring their kids. I wonder whether the women in the room see this as hopeful or cruel."
    "If you want to see female strength, determination and resilience, hang out in a fertility clinic for a few days."

    I particularly laughed at "...Future generations carried under armpits." Only someone who has gone through assisted reproduction would understand this.

    Thanks Loribeth. I read everything at all the links. As you said, some powerful and validating reading.

  2. I saw this article over the weekend on Facebook, shared by a fellow IFer (who's story is very similar to yours, including living in the Toronto area, with the exception that they are still TTC). Articles like this are so important because education promotes empathy, and empathy is very much needed!

  3. Thanks for the head's up, Loribeth. Loved Sarah's piece, and it fuels my hope that the tides are turning, if ever so slightly. I'll be e-mailing her my story soon, even though it's a bit after the fact. I noticed, unless I missed something, that all of the follow up stories seemed to have a child in the picture.