Monday, October 17, 2016

#MicroblogMondays: Filling the gap

Last Friday, dh & I took one of his widowed aunts to a medical appointment with a specialist at one of the city's largest hospitals. She'd waited two months to get the appointment and then had to reschedule it twice, and in the meantime, fretted herself into a frenzy over the issue she wanted to check out. Her daughter had already scheduled a day off work to take her, but at the last minute, a funeral in her husband's family took precedence. Her other daughter is in the middle of renovations and was supervising contractors and workers. Aunt drives, but does not like navigating through unfamiliar territory, nevermind on the busy highways that run through the city (and who can blame her??). And since English is her second language (although she speaks it very well), she wanted someone with her to ensure she and the doctor understood each other. 

So on Wednesday night, we got the call: could we take her?

Of course we could. :)  Happily, the problem turned out to be something common and treatable. We took Aunt to get her prescription filled and then she took us out for brunch as a thank you, and we had a nice visit. She thanked us repeatedly, as did both her daughters.

Two thoughts: (1) This is one of the nice things about moving here (and being retired ;) ) -- being closer not only to BIL & his family, but to more of dh's aunts & cousins, and being able to help out at times like these. And (2) even people with kids sometimes need other people (nieces and nephews, friends & neighbours) to step in and fill the gap when they need assistance. I sometimes wonder whether our nephews will be able & willing to help out dh & me down the road -- you HOPE they will, but you never know, right?

But knowing how happy it made dh to be able to help his aunt gives me hope that our nephews might feel the same way about us someday, too. :) 

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  1. One of the things I hear time and again is that people want children so someone can care for them in their old age. And then I walk by the retirement home near us, which is filled to the brim and has requests for volunteers to spent time with their residents, and am reminded that birthing children is not an automatic guarentee of that care.

    I think it's wonderful you were able to help your aunt. And I have great hope that you will receive similar help. Not because it's obliged but because of the type of people you are.

  2. This makes me happy for you! Both that you could do this for your DH's aunt, and that it gives you hope for the future.

  3. So true -- and that was a lovely thing to do. I think that impulse needs to be nurtured in the next generation, and once it is nurtured, I think (for most people) it sticks.

  4. I'm so glad that you were able to help her out! I also love that it gives you hope for the future!

  5. Aww that's so sweet. She sounds like she really appreciated it!

  6. How wonderful for you to pitch in when and where you can. How wonderful that no granted is being taken and appreciation abounds. For the Win!

  7. I'm glad you were able to help out your husband's aunt, and that it brought hope for the future. I'm glad the issue was easily treatable, too! It's great to be able to help out family members.